Why Are We Here? It May Not Be What You Think

Y’all. This is serious.

It is the age-old question. The one that has puzzled philosophers and Joe Blows since time immemorial:

Why are we here?

I was working on this recently, and by “working on”, I mean I was meditating, asking my A&G’s*, and feeling around psychically, as is my wont.

The first answer that came through was one you may have heard before: To make the world a better place.

I like that answer. In the past, I have been told that we are here to be happy, to find what we love to do and do it. I’ve also learned that we all have talents, and we are free to use those talents in service to others, thereby blessing ourselves and those whom we serve. I like those answers too.

But this idea of making the world a better place brought me to another question: Why? Why do we come here, into physical life, to make our physical world a better place?

And here’s what came through. It’s a doozie, so hang on to your hat: We are compelled to do so.

Yeah. It’s not even so much a compulsion as it is an instinct, an innate drive–innate to the body AND the soul! Wow.

You know how the survival instinct is so incredibly strong? How hunger drives you to eat? That, if you want to starve yourself for a hunger strike, it’s physically very difficult. Even someone who wants to kill himself has to override the body’s strong instinct to stay alive. Psychologists say it is almost impossible to commit suicide by drowning, because your body will fight instinctively to overcome the water. Even when a person dies of natural causes, the body will sometimes twitch or spasm as the soul tries to leave. That survival instinct is the most powerful that we are born with.

And the instinct or drive or compulsion to return to the physical from the non-physical–that heavenly place where all is joy and love?–is at least that strong. We HAVE to come back and try to make the world a better place. It’s biology. Not just spirit, which science has yet to fully define.

Before I received this information, I had come to believe, or even to feel that I KNOW, that a soul hangs out in Heaven and plans its next life. Among other things, of course, such as checking in on their loved ones and maybe fitting a round of golf or a game of bridge here and there. (That’s only partly a joke.) Some souls attend classes and meetings, while others seem to be hanging out and enjoying the newly-re-discovered peace and happiness that are Heaven.

In addition, some years ago, I channeled this message about what happens to people after death:

They are a different kind of energy [from physical] and do not stay with you constantly. Their energy melds with that of the Universe, or God, and returns to a collective stance. They then can check in on you and visit you, but they are doing other work. What is this work? They are finding out what their next life will be and deciding what they want to experience and who to take with them. It is like planning a corporation. The plans always come through. Nothing is ever wasted or done “wrong.”

And I have always found this helpful and inspiring. Then, my husband, who is also my CFO, CPA, Grand Vizier, and Muse, started asking, “Why are we here? Why do we keep coming back? Why wouldn’t we want to stay where there’s so much happiness and we get to be with our loved ones?”

You have probably wondered that yourself. And now, I have an answer. Is it THE answer? We can only speculate at this point. But I am going to act like it’s the Truth with a Big T, and I am going to keep trying to make the world a better place.

If that’s what most people–or even SOME people do–life after life, working to leave the world even a little better than they found it–then the world and all humanity will continue to evolve into a stronger, better, happier, more prosperous, healthier place. And we’re going to want that, since we have to keep coming back just like we have to eat!

*A&G’s = Angels & Guides. Of course. :o)


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Believe, believe, believe

I’ve been talking to you a lot about beliefs lately.  I’ve also been thinking about them myself.  A lot.  Can’t seem to stop.  But this is a good thing–it helps me to develop the answers that you need to your questions about… well, everything!

If you read the most recent post (about the OK Corral; see the previous post), it was about beliefs.  Essentially, it said that you live (or die) by what you believe.

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of useful stuff about wealth and creating success and so forth, among them

The Attractor Factor by Dr. Joe Vitale

Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks (and Abraham)

The Art of Success (audio series) by David Neagle

And all of these discuss beliefs.  Breaking down old beliefs, beliefs that will move you forward, etc.  But here’s what happened when I asked my own angels for a little favor.  I asked them to reveal to me the belief or beliefs that were holding me back from manifesting all that I love and enjoy.

You won’t believe their answer.

Are you ready?

“The only belief that holds you back is the belief that beliefs can hold you back.”

I laughed.  And then I got to thinking about it.  The teachers are not wrong when they say your limiting beliefs hold you back.  But if you didn’t believe them, they would be.

I don’t know about you, but I think I need to take a couple of Tylenol.  Or a stiff drink.

Now, think about it, and see what it means to you.  And until next time, y’all be good!

Channeled: The Accursed “Hows”

As you probably know, I often channel information and answers from my clients’ angels and guides in a process I call “taking cosmic dictation”.  I also channel a general message each month for members of my SPARKLE Club.

The message that I received for the SPARKLE Club this month begged for a wider audience.  One of my members emailed me with this response:   “Why didn’t you just write my name across the message?  It’s probably written on my forehead.  Haha!”  So I knew–this was good.  Good for you, good for me.  Let’s read it:

Oh, pooh.  We know sometimes you feel this way.  You feel like you are not where you want to be and you really have no idea how to get there.  Well, you know those accursed “hows”!  They’re really not up to you.  If you will let that be the case.  You struggle because you hold on so tight to what MUST happen to feel good and make you happy.  Your outcome has to be just so, and so you keep other good outcomes from happening, because you are holding on so tight.  Loosen your grip, honey!  Let go of the “MUST-BEs”.  Become the designer, not the engineer.  This means you decide what you want it to look like and smell like and what you want it to do for you, and the Universe engineers HOW that will come into being.  Have you ever looked at a situation and said, “I should have been more specific”?  Well, that’s what we mean.  That situation reflects that you were holding on too tight to what it MUST BE.  Instead, focus on the feelings you want to experience, and let the Universe be your engineer.  We love you always.

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Why Are You Here?

I channeled this message for my Club members not long ago, and I was so blown away by it that I felt you needed to see it too.  This is the kind of message I channel for people in Mystic Mails, too.  If you like it, you can get your own, and/or you might like to check out an entire book of such messages, Channel One: 137 Messages from the Universe.

Oh, our dear, we are excited for you and we are fighting for you. We are fighting for you to understand your duties here in this life. On this earth. You have a special tribute to pay to all that is, a special homage to yourself. Oh, you are not all that is and all that can be and all that has been? Indeed you are. This joyous day, we ask that you look inside yourself and look around you as well, and find that which makes your heart sing the loudest. Then, do everything you possibly can to do that today. Some part of it, some step toward it, something that will help your heart to sing today. Do not be worried about others, what they think, how they are doing it, what might make their hearts sing. Only concern others in your undertaking if you believe that they will benefit from what you are doing. That is all. It is simple, and we love you in all your glory!

Is There a Psychic Reading in Your Future?

Test-3_sm_aSome of my clients get their first psychic reading ever with me. Others have been to a psychic or two and still others have been to many. What happens in a psychic reading?

I don’t know what happens in that little house down on the freeway, the one with the red neon hand on the sign with a hand-painted note urging, “$25 special!”, but I know why my readings are like.

First, I’ll tell you what does not happen in a session with me.  I will not tell you there is a curse on you.  I will not give you bad news.  I will not tell you that unless you do such-and-such, you will die or never meet your soulmate or any negative and untrue crap like that.

And I absolutely will not tell you that your late grandmother is mad at you because you gave her secret recipe to your cousin or that your dead grandpa wants you to go to medical school.  Spirits of our late loved ones are not angry, and they seldom ask anything of us, unless it is to our benefit and it is utterly our choice.

You might think those sound silly, but some people are afraid of what they might get from a psychic.  It’s probably because of charlatans, but that is a diatribe that can wait.

So what does happen if you get a reading from me, besides it taking place on the phone, and besides not getting upset about Grandpa?

Broadly stated, you will get exactly what you are supposed to get, information that will benefit you at that moment, and suggestions for helping you create a better life.

More specifically, I will answer your questions about anything that is on your mind.  Want to know what to do about your job?  We’ll cover that.  Want to know what your husband is really thinking?  I will tell you that.  Usually, looking into your closest relationships and telling you about them is among my best gifts.

I’ll also tell you if loved ones come through from the Other Side.  Sometimes, it’s just a hello; other times, there is detailed information.  In one reading, the only person who came through was a classmate of the client’s, who had passed away over 30 years ago.  Just a classmate.  But he was someone she remembered well.  (You’ll find fascinating stories about my communication with spirits in my book, Dead On: Spirited Stories from a Medium’s Diary.)

Then I like to scan your energy.  Other practitioners might call this “reading your aura”.  When I close my eyes and ask our guides, I see you, as a person, and there are colors and shapes in and around you.  I explain these and draw them for you, and ask our guides what these mean.  Then I can interpret information for you that you don’t even know to ask about.  Things like, you’re trying to impress someone, and here’s how to do that better.  Or you are using one ability or talent to try to boost another.  And here’s what to do about that.

And finally, I throw a few oracle cards for you.  These are simple cards with a few words on them.  I use these to confirm what we’ve discussed and to be sure we didn’t miss anything.

With each card, I tell you the words on it and I might give you a “face-value” description.  Then I tap the card and tell you if I get anything that is specific to you.

We wrap up, and I send you my hand-written, customized notes for your reference.

And that’s what happens in a reading with me.  Get your very own private phone reading here.  Any questions?  You know where to find me!

Everything Old Is New Again: Looking Back Brings Insight and Inspiration

I hope your holidays were great!  Mine were!  And as I rang in the New Year, I started thinking about what I do, what I like to do, and what inspires me.  And what I came up with might just inspire you.

This might be sort of like what you do with each New Year, or maybe every month or something like that.  If not, I suggest you take a moment every now and again to review where you’ve been and think about where you’d like to go.  At the very least!

2010 was hellacious for me–as it probably was for you.  Most people I know, including clients, friends, and family, had a tough year.  And you may have read my posts about looking for the end of it to come soon.

So as 2010 wound down, I was certainly looking forward to something new, better, different, a time in my life when I can experience all the joyful things I think of.  And I thought about times in the past when I have been successful and comfortable–and experiencing all those joyful things!  I remembered my first business…

I woke up on a Monday morning in May, 1999, and had a very clear inspiration:  I would begin a business based on my former job.  To create this business, I sat down with my old job description and my “Directory of Facilities and Services” (I had been a facilities manger for a large corporation), and I wrote down a list of all the tasks therein that I enjoyed doing.  Anything I didn’t like to do was definitely not included.

This is how I developed my menu of services for my business.

Next, I made a list of everyone I could think of who worked or owned a business in Austin.  I started calling every person on that list, about 250, and telling them what I was doing.  I wasn’t making sales calls, just saying hello and what I was up to.  I asked them to keep me in mind if they knew of anyone who needed a service that was on my list.

Well, lo and behold, it wasn’t long before I talked to someone who knew someone.  Within days, I had my first contract!

As much as I loved that business, I have come a long way since 1999!  And my current business is very different from that one.  But I took a page from my old 1999 book, and I sat down this year and looked at my services.  I enjoy doing all of them, so I asked myself, what do I love to do the most?

I’ve known the answer for a long time:  sit around and chat.  I love to talk with people.  And I especially love to teach.  So what really inspires me is…you!  If I don’t have anyone to sit around and chat with, how can I serve in the way I was meant to serve?

Thus, I’d have to say that my favorite service is Suzi-Q&A (psychic readings), which I do in private readings by phone or Skype and  in person for groups.  I answer questions and/or give mini-readings and, along the way, I give insight into everyone’s life.

With all of this introspection, I came to this conclusion:  In 2011, I am concentrating on Suzi-Q&As and individual readings and coaching.  Oh, I will definitely continue to offer all my services, but I will focus mainly on answering questions–your questions.

Since I feel called to teach and share with others all that I know about the workings of the Universe, this seems to make the most sense.

So keep an eye on me, my emails (sign up here), and this blog.  You’ll definitely want to see what happens next!