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Manifestation & Coaching

Make Magic with MoJo

Learn how to create what you

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MoJo My Life

“Find Your MoJo, Love Your Life” Group Coaching Membership

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Magic Moments

with MoJo

Get your own private power hour (or half-hour) with MoJo–

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MoJo CoJo (co-journaling – a magical process),

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Readings & Psychic Services

MoJo’s Psychic Readings

Best reading you’ll ever get, hands-down.

Choose 30 or 60 minutes to

get wowed, get informed, get enlight-tained.


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R.I.P. Readings

Connect with your late loved ones–
what I call your “R.I.P.s”–

in this monthly conference call event.


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Free Ebook 

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Creating Your Own Big Bang:

18 Manifestation Tips, Tools, & Tricks
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Find Your MoJo & Love Your Life


“MoJo” is not just a riff on my last name, Morrow-Johnson.

“MoJo” means “essence”–it is what makes you YOU.


And when you

figure out what your MoJo is,

and you start using your gifts in service to others,

and you learn how to


Create / Allow / Manifest / Attract


what you really want

(instead of settling for the same old dookie),


then, my dear,

you will start to love your life.


I’m MoJo, and I Am Your…
Intuitive Coach,

Manifestation Expert,

Personal Mystic,

Psychic Best Friend,


Favorite Know-It-All.


Together, we’ll find your MoJo,


you can love your life.