I’m MoJo Medium, and I have an important question for you:

Are You a Diamond Woman?

I am a Diamond Woman, and you just might be one too.

(If you think you might be–or even if you don’t…You Belong in the Mighty MoJo Club.)

Diamond Women are sometimes called “Women of a Certain Age”.

I prefer “Women of a Certain STAGE.”

Diamond Women are sometimes called “older”, “mature”, or “middle-aged”. UGH.

But we Diamond Women have a Secret Power:

We have endured tremendous pressure
to become the
priceless, sparkling jewels we are now.

Yeah. Pressure.

Pressure to be, do, and have (or very much NOT) all these THINGs that our culture puts on us:

  • Be skinny, be polite, be subservient, give of ourselves until there’s nothing left.
  • Don’t be greedy! Don’t be rude! Don’t be ugly!
  • Get your education and find a good man.
  • Have babies and raise them right.
  • Put up with being stared at, catcalled, hit on, pinched, even assaulted, and keep quiet about it.
  • Don’t expect to get promoted. Don’t expect to make money.

Ugh. Ugh. And MORE UGH.

THAT is the PRESSURE that has made Diamonds out of us.

Now, like many women over 40, you may be a “Diamond in the Rough”. You may not know yet

how very strong you are–
how capable,
how beautiful,

But that is exactly why Goddess invented MoJo. 😉

to lead you down
your own path to
a groovier life.

My calling is to focus on you and
your BE-DO-HAVE,
your Dire Desires,
your Divine Value,
your Destiny,
your Legacy, and
your Achievement of Groovy.

Diamond Woman, Click Here.

Why Should You Get a Diamond Time Session w/ MoJo?



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Find Your MoJo & Love Your Life

“MoJo” is not just a riff on my last name, Morrow-Johnson.

“MoJo” means “essence”–it is what makes you YOU.

And when you

Find Your MoJo,

and you start using your gifts in service to others,

and you learn how to

Create / Allow / Manifest / Attract

what you really want

(instead of Settling for the Same Old Dookie),

then, my dear,

you will start to

Love Your Life.

I’m MoJo, and I Am Your…

♥ Manifestation Genius,

♥ Groovy Life Coach,

♥ Super-Intuitive Best Friend,


♥ Favorite Know-It-All.


Together, we’ll Find Your MoJo,

so you can Love Your Life.