A wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around!

Ordained in the non-denominational Universal Life Church, I specialize in secular/non-religious weddings, mixed-faith marriages, and LGBTQ ceremonies.

It’s all about the love.
Combining my gift for the written word, my penchant for public speaking, and my loving, psychic heart, your custom ceremony will draw the love and focus to you, the intended couple, as we share a sacred moment to welcome you into matrimony.

Unique, traditional, and/or outrageous.
You determine the mood for your special moment. And I will serve your ceremony with all the love in my heart.

Your budget.
My honorarium is determined on a case-by-case basis, starting at $499, plus travel and expenses.

What Else Ya Got?
I am also available for Funerals, Memorials, and Celebrations of Life; Adoption Celebrations; Divorce Ceremonies; Wedding-Vow Renewals and Elopements; and other events as you see fit.

Contact me for your special occasion.


I have always had a tremendous interest in using my psychic abilities to help solve crimes and cold cases, and help find missing persons. I have been honored to be able to work with a private investigator on a murder case, which resulted in the conviction of the murderer.

In addition, I consulted with an advocate who was working to keep an accused murderer off death row, if convicted. The murder victim showed me clearly what had happened—without any rancor or anger on her part—and assured me that the prosecution had all they needed to convict the accused.

I have contributed to missing persons cases, murders,  and other crimes on numerous occasions.

My ability to talk to the deceased puts me in a unique position to help with solving murders. And my knack for “tuning in” to living persons allows me to assist with missing persons cases and other crimes.

I am grateful for opportunities to use my talents in service to others.

My work to assist crime investigation and missing persons cases is done pro-bono. Rewards or partial rewards will be accepted when appropriate.

Contact me for information.


Medical Intuition & Clinical Services*

* Disclaimer: Not a doc. Please notice that I am not trained in medicine, nor do I claim to practice it in any fashion. My knowledge is that of Spirit and Intuition, shared with love and the hope of better healing. Medical intuition services by me or any other practitioner are not a substitute for care from a licensed medical practitioner of your choosing.

 Medical Intuition is a gift that some psychics have which allows them to be like human X-ray machines, looking into the body psychically to see what may be wrong medically and spiritually.

Working with (not in place of*) medical practitioners and/or the patient, a medical intuitive determines the spiritual, emotional, and/or energetic issues that are involved in the patient’s illness or injury.

In theory, when the patient learns about these issues, along with following medical advice*, he or she heals faster and better.

How it works: Talking by phone or Zoom, you and I discuss your physical situation. I then “look” psychically at both your physical body and your energy to see where the connection is between the two.

Illness and injury are always dire messages from Spirit.

With your input about yourself and your life, I will discuss with you the spiritual cause/s and connection/s and give you information about what you can do spiritually and emotionally to help effect better healing of your physical body.

My notes, which may include drawings, recommended reading, and other information, will be sent to you following each session.

To consult with me regarding your own health, please book a MoJo Session.

If you are a healer or medical practitioner and would like to consult with me about your patient/s (with their express permission), please contact me for information.

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