Oooh! A party! I love a party! Don’t you?

And a Psychic Party is some of the best fun you can have with your clothes on! Enjoy my unique and personal brand of “enlight-tainment” when I give readings to your group, talking to their late loved ones and telling them what to expect in the near future!*

What is it? A Psychic Party features:

  • One or more hostesses or hosts (yes, that’s you)
  • A group of friends and family
  • A terrific psychic medium (yes, that’s me, of course)
  • A public place to gather, preferably a restaurant, where everyone can have something yummy to snack on and drink
  • Two hours’ worth of enlight-taining readings for the people in the group, all of which will benefit everyone present

How do you have a Psychic Party?

  • First, tell me you want one, of course!
  • Put together details with me, such as date, time, and numbers
  • Find your favorite restaurant with a private room and book it
  • Invite 6-10 guests
  • Attend and be wowed!

How much does this shindig cost?

Plus possibly a little extra–depending on where you are located, I may request travel expenses in addition; most cities in East Texas will not require travel expenses. Naturally, the closer to Houston, the better, as far as I am concerned. And if you want me to come to Australia, I’ll be chuffed to go, mate! But yeah… that’s gonna cost a little extra!

How do you pay for it? Choose your favorite method:

  • I can send you a PayPal invoice and you pay me via that invoice. You may choose to collect all or partial amounts from your guests or pay the whole thing yourself.
  • OR I can set up a page on my website for your guests to RSVP and pay for their attendance. I’ll keep track of their payments for you. This requires you and me determining how much each guest will pay to cover the full amount. (For example, 10 guests divided into $795 = $79.50 per person.)
  • OR you can make a refundable deposit of $99 and I will collect the remainder at the event. Again, it is your choice whether to charge your guests or pay for the event yourself (or split with a co-host, etc.). The deposit is refundable up to 48 hours prior to the event. 

Other important info:

  • Payments made at the event may be made by cash, check, or credit card. I am happy to handle this for you.
  • Any food and drinks at the restaurant are your and your guests’ responsibility. If you want to feed the psychic, that is appreciated, but not required.
  • BONUS: You and your guests each receive a discount on a 30-minute private reading with me at a later date. (Some limits may apply.)

Sounds really cool, I know! That’s because it IS!
Ready for that enlight-tainment?
Email me today to book your Psychic Party!

Housekeeping: *No readings can be guaranteed, natch. But I mean–check out the testimonials. You’ll have a good time. Other disclaimers and whatnot.

“I had a lot of revelations afterwards, and that is always a sign of a good reading.”

“It was chilling—in a good way!”

“My brother came through in the group. I went to Susan for a private reading later and received more information from him, plus we had a visit from my step-brother.”

“I felt so excited to get to share the evening with you and the group that gathered to ask questions of you LIVE. You instructed us to listen to what you were saying to others, because there are parts of each response that may have to do with every other person in the room, too. As I listened, I found the information you shared with each person actually did have to do with me. By the time you reached me (I was the last to be asked my question), I simply asked what you had to say to me because I no longer had questions to ask!”

“Susan, you were so right about everything! You nailed the brother issue and that has been my most bothersome worry, what if I never get to have the relationship with my brother back and never know my niece and nephew. Thank you and may the universe be with you!”

“I’m still processing the depth of information and various topics we were able to cover. I still get goosebumps every time I think of certain parts of the reading. The RIPs especially affected me in a powerful way. Susan immediately saw my best friend, who I lost tragically at age 18, over 15 years ago. She was ready to communicate with me, through Susan, and was able to pass along messages that only I would know and understand. Her messages comforted me, told me things that no one would know, gave me chills, had me in tears, and made me laugh…so many emotions. It’s hard to describe, but was priceless to me and my ability to move forward in life. It is intense and amazing how things are falling into place.”

“Amazing—especially for someone who’s a ‘non-believer’; it was beyond accurate and touching. Amazing how you can really speak for those who have passed away.”