Hello, Transformational Coaches, Healers, and Practitioners!

You don’t have to be a writer to become a published author with me in 2024!
As Brave Healer Productions CEO Laura DiFranco always says,
this project is such an over-deliver for you as a co-author.
You’ll get so much more out of it than you do with any other collaborative project,
including writing coaching/training/support, networking and promotions opps, and
book-launch training (so you could do it yourself for your future book if you want to).
I have been so impressed with Brave Healer Productions,
both with their services and with their results.
So whether you are a writer or not, come write with me!
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Now, here’s all the scoop on
The Destiny Guidebook:

If you are eager to share your stories and strategies about living a purpose-driven life with a large new audience, co-authoring this book will allow you to:

♥ Reach a wider audience of likely clients

♥ Network with other business owners like yourself

♥ Become a writer (or a better one)

♥ Tons of other benefits – and you don’t even have to be a writer!

Add something really powerful to your marketing toolbox:

Become a professionally-published author this year! *

Establish yourself as an authority in self-help, healing, spirituality, manifestation, and more by adding your brave words to this expert collaboration.

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* The first thing you need to know is–
you do not have to be a writer to join this project!

Our publisher,
Brave Healer Productions,
will provide all the writing coaching and support you need
to craft a well-written chapter that will make your message sing.

And if you are already a writer, like me, BHP will help you to become an even better one.
(I am looking forward to that!)

Read on for the full meal deal, or skip to my scheduler here.


The Destiny Guidebook collaborative project is for holistic healing and wellness business owners and healing arts professionals who seek to share their stories and strategies about living a purpose-driven life.

The Destiny Guidebook book project is…

A collaborative project with multiple contributing author/experts led by Susan Morrow-Johnson, and supported by the Brave Healer Productions team with CEO, Laura Di Franco.
 Professionally designed and marketed with the goal to help you spread your message and build your business.
 Run with the goal to inspire you to do your best writing, step up your business development game, and learn some badass book launch strategies.
Created to offer group writing and book launch coaching for our authors.
The premier collaboration of dedicated authors bringing self-discovery and holistic healing tools into our world.
Way more than just a book project…

There will be opportunities for:

Networking with like-minded individuals who are changing the world through practical and accessible tools aligned with your methods.
Being discovered by a large audience of ideal readers with the help of other authors who are actively marketing and selling this book.
Doing live readings and/or online trainings and Q&A.
Recognition amidst a dynamic group of like-minded authors.
Access to the Brave Healer Productions Book Launch Warriors Facebook group of over 1200 people!
A special online book launch celebration with authors and book purchasers.
Collaboration with other healers, professionals, coaches, and leadership experts.

Here are the project details…

The investment to claim your spot as an author in this project is $1111. (You may also receive referral fees when you refer other authors to join us. Payment plans available through PayPal.)
Authors have full access to promotional tools designed by Brave Healer Productions Publishing including videos, graphics, podcast recordings, and other materials to use freely as they wish.
The project is promoted through both Brave Healer Productions (20,000+) and Susan Morrow-Johnson’s email and social platforms, and we encourage promotion by each co-author through their platforms.
Authors have the ability to promote their services in our private Facebook group.
All authors will be able to buy author copies of the book at cost (around $6/ea. + shipping and tax), and sell them at cover price (about $25) – sell them in the back of the room, at networking events, conferences/fairs, on your website, etc.

This project is a journey of healing and growth for everyone involved, and we’re here to support you through every step of the process!

Bits & Bobs

You will contribute a chapter of 2000-3000 words, telling your own story of how you got to where you are and sharing what you do to help your clients.
You will also put in a 300-word bio which will include a link to your website or other destination of your choice, and it will be clickable in the e-book version.
Your name will be on the front cover of the book!
Brave Healer Productions will even show you how to create your author page on Amazon–and it will be linked from the Amazon page of the book, as well.

*Brave Healer Productions and Susan Morrow-Johnson will receive all royalties from Amazon book sales due to the complex nuances of that process with a project that has so many participants. However, you have the opportunity to purchase copies indefinitely at this special discounted rate, as well as benefit from BHP’s ongoing marketing and media presence through various outlets.