Oracle Card Combo Pack

Get both decks of oracle cards for only $25 (usually $15 each). Each deck comes in a pretty organza bag and is accompanied by my personal note and instructions.

The Good News Only Fortune-Telling Cards are all–always and only–good news. Find out what you can look forward to!

The To-MORROW Oracle Cards are for real divination. What do you most need to know right now? Communicate with Spirit with this inspired deck.

Cards measure 3″ x 2.5″. Now in stock! Click “Buy Now” below to order directly from Yours Psychically (that’s me!).

Oracle Card Combo Pack … $25. (+ tax and shipping)


Dead On: Spirited Stories from a Medium's Diary (Paperback Book) $13.95

I’ve compiled some of my best “Spooky Stories” for this book. There are many spirits to talk with here, and plenty of messages for you–plus a physical manifestation of a spirit’s presence! That one will give you chills. Sit with me in my psychic’s chair, as I visit with clients and the spirits of their late loved ones. Perfect gift for fans of John Edward and Sylvia Browne. Click here to purchase your copy of Dead On on $13.95

Channel One: 137 Messages from the Universe (Paperback Book) 19.99

I’m rather proud of this compilation of messages I channeled from Universal angels and guides. (I no longer offer channeling services, but I have enough collected to start working on Channel Two!) In it, you will find guidance and feel-good vibes for every day of your life. Great for bibliomancy! Terrific gift, guest room reading, coffee table book, conversation starter. Click here to purchase Channel One on $19.99

Have You Guffawed Today? (T-Shirt) $21.50

Oh! Haha! Soooo clever!

Front: Have you guffawed today?

Back: (Tittering doesn’t count.)

Great for word lovers, kids of all ages, and everyone who likes to laugh. I designed this shirt for my brother-in-law, who fits all three categories. Grab one for yourself, one for a gift, and ten for the family reunion! Click here to order. $21.50


GOOD NEWS ONLY Fortune-Telling Cards

These cards are just what the name says: Good News Only.

And the Victorian-style ad for them reads thus:

“Are you weary of fortune-telling cards that only give you warnings of terrors to come?
Sick to death of portents of destruction?
Anguished over foretellings of doom?

“Now you can be revived with MoJo Medium’s Good News Only Fortune-Telling Cards!

“There is not one single warning or mention of
financial ruin, or
in the entire deck!”

This deck of 48 oracle cards gives you something to look forward to, so you strenghthen your “look for the good” muscle. Each card bears a simple word or phrase, making them oh-so-versatile for readings, whether for yourself or others.

Each deck arrives in a crystal-organza, drawstring bag, with instructions. Cards measure 3″ x 2.5″. Now in stock! Click “Buy Now” below to order directly from Yours Psychically (that’s me!).One Deck of 48 “GOOD NEWS” Oracle Cards … $15. (+ tax and shipping)

The Medium and Her Muse (Paperback Book) $9.95

…or Don Told Me to Write This Book: How good psychic readings can help you learn, grow, and heal.

In fascinating true stories about a psychic medium, her husband, and her clients, you’ll find out how you fit into the intricate and integral tapestry that is the woven Universe of Spirit. Look over the medium’s shoulder as she talks to her clients’ RIPs and find out what a good psychic reading is all about.

Click here to purchase The Medium and Her Muse in paperback at $9.95


Love or Shut Up (Cap) $16.50

Show that you are too cool for school in your “Love or Shut Up” graphic cap. This will tell those holier-than-thous that you mean business! (“Love or Shut Up” design available on other items, as well.) Click here to order. $16.50


TO-MORROW Oracle Cards

The cards have been named at last! This is a deck of 48 oracle cards to help guide your life, answer your questions, and communicate with Spirit. I was divinely inspired to create these and they have been several years in the making. Each card bears a simple word or phrase, making them oh-so-versatile for readings, whether for yourself or others. Each deck arrives in a crystal organza, drawstring bag, complete with instructions. Cards measure 3″ x 2.5″. Now in stock. Click “Buy Now” below to order directly from Yours Psychically (that’s me!). 

One Deck of 48 Oracle Cards … $15. (+ tax and shipping)

The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can't Meditate (Paperback Book) $9.95

Meditation made easy! If you think you can’t meditate, MoJo will teach you how, with simple, clear steps, and something to focus on. Relax! You can do it!

Notice: This book was originally published under the title Seven Chakras, Seven Days. Minor edits have been made.

Click here to get your Super-Easy Meditation Guide on $9.95


Tees Are We - Shop

Welcome to my little shop of sillies! Find tees, mugs, hats, etc., featuring my own designs, like “Love or Shut Up!” and “If you’re not at least trying to be happy…” Click here to shop the whole shop! If you see a design you like that you want on a different item, please email me here. 



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