Hi, I’m MoJo. Pleased to meetcha!

Let’s talk about Growth. Expansion. Realization. GELLING.

This “About” page is about me, but it’s about you too. Because, no matter where you are in your journey, you want to keep growing.

Stagnation is just plain painful.

Here’s part of my growth (and it’s also about you): A few years back, I received divine guidance to expand my services beyond my psychic readings to use more of my gifts in service to others.

Now, my response to this guidance is a long and winding road in itself, and I am nowhere near the end of it, but one major thing that came out of it is the Mighty MoJo Club

I have been inspired more and more to lead, teach, share and connect with Intuitive & Spiritually-Minded Over-40 Women, lighting their pathway to their own groovier life. 

Women like you are really my favorite group of people in the whole “tired” world, not only because I most certainly am one, but also because most of us are somewhere along that growth spurt between raising a family and/or rounding out a career, and figuring out what we want to be/do/have for the second half of our lives–our “second adulthood”.

And to me,
this is the most exciting time of life!
(So far!)

Once my children were grown and I was single (happily so, I might add), I started getting tired of


Know what I mean? How many times in your life have you thought some version of, 

“Is this it?” 

*raises hand*

About a thousand or so, right? And the thing is, I was actually wondering that–a lot!–when I was in my early thirties. Maybe you were too.

I started feeling the Tug of Fate then, asking,

“What are my gifts and how do I use them in service to others?”

Blame it on my Christian upbringing (I do)–I believe we are here to “let our light so shine” and to share our divinely-bestowed gifts with the world.

Way back then (in my 30s), when I was a young widowed mom, I had a great job that I loved and was good at. But I had this nagging feeling: “Is this right? Is this the gift that I am supposed to share with the world? Is this who I am? Who I am supposed to be? Is this my destiny?”

After four and a half years of this soul search, I got my answer: I got laid off from that job. 

So…. that’s a “No”, right, Universe? 

I also got a lot of other answers along the way to that lay-off and in the years following. I started my first business, which showed me that I can be an entrepreneur–and how I love it!

I met many people who “showed me the way”–astrologers, Reiki practitioners, intuitives, healers, witches, angel readers, light workers, and so on down the woo-woo line-up.

Not one of them had all the answers, but all of them had at least one answer for me. And that is how I found my spiritual path and my spiritual gifts.

I took my intuition and my newly-recognized-but-always-there medium ability and got started as a psychic reader. Then I threw in an education in the chakras, my first true love (writing) plus a decent working knowledge of psychology, entrepreneurial spirit, and DIY web design… You get the idea. I made my “Self Soup.” My own personal recipe of tasty gifts to share with the world.

And after a major crash-and-burn, I figured out how to rebuild from the ashes, creating actual changes in my life, big and small. I learned about Divine Value, or worthiness.

I downloaded countless data from the Divine and stirred them into my Cosmic Cauldron. 

And soon I was
“gellin’ like a felon
like Magellan
like a melon
like a BOSS.”


It all started to come together:

You can do this too. I’ll show you how to put together your own “Self Soup”, your recipe/s for a life you can really enjoy. So you can bypass aaaall that trial-and-error that I went through. And you don’t have to be psychic (although you do have spiritual gifts, trust me), you only have to be open-minded about how amazeballs you really are–and you MUST be willing to

Stop Settling for the Same Old Dookie! 

I love sharing all I have learned–and continue to learn–with midlife, woo-woo women like you (and like me), looking for answers and figuring out our next steps. Even though my journey started in my thirties,

I love being in my fifties and still growing and learning, tweaking my Dire Desires to make my life groovier, and downloading that Divine Data for you. 

I’m so glad you’re here.

Whichever of my services you choose, I truly look forward to working with you.

P.S. Why MoJo? Long story short, it is a take-off on my last name, Morrow-Johnson–plus it means your essence, your luck, and what makes you you. So… when you find your MoJo, i.e., discover your gifts and use them in service to others (for moola or not), you’ll  love your life. Neat, huh?


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It’s been a couple months since my [most recent session] with Susan [MoJo], and I’m still processing the depth of information and various topics we were able to cover. In less than an hour, I experienced much more than I ever could have imagined. I still get goosebumps every time I think of certain parts.

… [Working with her] was priceless to me and my ability to move forward in life.

The one call we had (so far) cleared up so many areas of life, gave me a new feeling of openness and has impacted my life in many positive ways. It is intense and amazing how things are falling into  place.

My advice, stop waiting and set up your session with Susan today!

Melissa Nolan, Houston, TX, USA