Hi! I’m MoJo. Pleased to meetcha!

You’re not going to believe this, but I grew up in a small East Texas town in a really middle-American, regular old family. And I grew up happy.

When I told my mom I felt people watching me, she told me I had a great imagination and said it was a wonderful quality. So I grew up believing that all creative people had experiences like mine:

feeling surrounded by unseen people,
strangers’ faces popping into my mind’s eye,
spontaneous out-of-body experiences,
receiving what I came to call “messages from the Cosmos”,
making predictions that came true…

Okay, I did notice that none of my friends made accurate predictions.

I went on to get married and have babies and join the corporate “regular” world. And then, one day, I had a significant premonition: that my husband would die when our older daughter was 7.

When that came true–after the dust settled from the horror of losing my husband–it finally dawned on me that I might have a special gift.

Fast forward a decade and I was deep in the throes of discovering my spiritual gifts. I started giving readings in 2005 and very shortly found out who those unseen people who were watching me and who those strangers’ faces in my head were–they were RIPs, the spirits of people who had passed away.

Another decade or so and a major life-crash-and-burn later, I had put my life back together, brick-by-brick–and created a wonderful life that I love!–and I had figured out how it works.

That’s when I felt called to expand my services to use more of my gifts in service to others, and created my online woo-woo community, The Mighty MoJo Club. Where You Belong, BTW.

Those gifts? Teaching, showing, and helping you do the same: Find your divine value, build a life you love, create what you want in your life (instead of settling for the same old dookie), and best of all, love yourself.

Whichever of my services you choose, I truly look forward to working with you.

~ MoJo

It’s been a couple months since my reading with Susan,
and I’m still processing the depth of information and various topics we were able to cover.
In less than an hour, I experienced much more than I ever could have imagined.
I still get goosebumps every time I think of certain parts of the reading.

Each section is meaningful, but
the RIPs impacted me in a powerful way

Susan immediately saw my best friend, who I lost tragically at age 18, over 15 years ago.
She was ready to communicate with me, through Susan,
and was able to pass along messages that only I would know and understand.
Her messages comforted me, told me things that no one would know,
gave me chills, had me in tears, and made me laugh…so many emotions.
It’s hard to describe, but was priceless to me and my ability to move forward in life.

The one call we had (so far) cleared up so many areas of life,
gave me a new feeling of openness and has impacted my life in many positive ways.
It is intense and amazing how things are falling into place.

My advice, stop waiting and set up your reading with Susan today!

Melissa Nolan, Houston, TX, USA