Test-3_sm_aSome of my clients get their first psychic reading ever with me. Others have been to a psychic or two and still others have been to many. What happens in a psychic reading?

I don’t know what happens in that little house down on the freeway, the one with the red neon hand on the sign with a hand-painted note urging, “$25 special!”, but I know why my readings are like.

First, I’ll tell you what does not happen in a session with me.  I will not tell you there is a curse on you.  I will not give you bad news.  I will not tell you that unless you do such-and-such, you will die or never meet your soulmate or any negative and untrue crap like that.

And I absolutely will not tell you that your late grandmother is mad at you because you gave her secret recipe to your cousin or that your dead grandpa wants you to go to medical school.  Spirits of our late loved ones are not angry, and they seldom ask anything of us, unless it is to our benefit and it is utterly our choice.

You might think those sound silly, but some people are afraid of what they might get from a psychic.  It’s probably because of charlatans, but that is a diatribe that can wait.

So what does happen if you get a reading from me, besides it taking place on the phone, and besides not getting upset about Grandpa?

Broadly stated, you will get exactly what you are supposed to get, information that will benefit you at that moment, and suggestions for helping you create a better life.

More specifically, I will answer your questions about anything that is on your mind.  Want to know what to do about your job?  We’ll cover that.  Want to know what your husband is really thinking?  I will tell you that.  Usually, looking into your closest relationships and telling you about them is among my best gifts.

I’ll also tell you if loved ones come through from the Other Side.  Sometimes, it’s just a hello; other times, there is detailed information.  In one reading, the only person who came through was a classmate of the client’s, who had passed away over 30 years ago.  Just a classmate.  But he was someone she remembered well.  (You’ll find fascinating stories about my communication with spirits in my book, Dead On: Spirited Stories from a Medium’s Diary.)

Then I like to scan your energy.  Other practitioners might call this “reading your aura”.  When I close my eyes and ask our guides, I see you, as a person, and there are colors and shapes in and around you.  I explain these and draw them for you, and ask our guides what these mean.  Then I can interpret information for you that you don’t even know to ask about.  Things like, you’re trying to impress someone, and here’s how to do that better.  Or you are using one ability or talent to try to boost another.  And here’s what to do about that.

And finally, I throw a few oracle cards for you.  These are simple cards with a few words on them.  I use these to confirm what we’ve discussed and to be sure we didn’t miss anything.

With each card, I tell you the words on it and I might give you a “face-value” description.  Then I tap the card and tell you if I get anything that is specific to you.

We wrap up, and I send you my hand-written, customized notes for your reference.

And that’s what happens in a reading with me.  Get your very own private phone reading here.  Any questions?  You know where to find me!