Vision Cards – Like Vision Boards, But Portable!

vision cardsWhere do I get these amazingly wonderful ideas? From my angels, of course! You probably get them too, right?

Here is my latest-and-greatest angel/guide download, and I am having a great time with it.

Vision boards became popular several years ago with the rise in interest in the Law of Attraction. By creating a poster with things that you want on it, you draw those things into your life. There are lots of great stories about how effective vision boards can be. I have made a number of them over the years, when I was feeling extra-creative (like I am now–what is up with that?).

During one of my numerous moves over recent years, I ran across a travel-themed vision board I had made. When I made it, I didn’t have any plans (or money) for any travel, and I put places on my vision board that I didn’t even have much great desire to go, such as New York City and Paris. They were just popular travel spots that I thought I “should” visit. When I unearthed the travel vision board, I discovered that I had indeed visited a number of the places on it, including New York City and Paris! And most of those trips came to be via something other than me having the money to do it. They were gifts and special offers.

Vision Board January 2015 - CopyBack in January of this year, I created a vision board for 2015, but I did it in a photo editing software. ( Working in this medium can feel less creative to people who prefer working with their hands, but it was very satisfying for me. Here’s the result.

Without digging any further into the phenomenon of vision boards, I offer this simple suggestion: shrink it down. The nice thing about vision cards, such as the ones I created, shown in the picture above, is that you can carry them in your wallet or purse, you can put them under your pillow, you can stick them in a little box or book. Vision boards tend to be bulky, and vision cards are completely portable. That way, you can refer to them any time you want, and storage is simple.

I envision a world where everyone creates vision cards to make their lives better! And we put them into photo albums, which we stuff onto our bookshelves, where we can go back and look at them any time we like! And we’ll say, “Oh, look what I created! I brought that happy thing into being!”

Happy visioning!

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Life Lessons

study babyI received an email from a fellow spiritual teacher in which she talked about “lessons”.  You’ve probably heard something about lessons all your life–you have to learn your lessons, you came into this life to learn certain lessons and you’ll keep being challenged until you learn the lesson.


Pardon my profanity, but I never like using the word “lessons”.  The word “lesson” contains implicit reference to your ability to pass or fail.  And that’s just not how it works.

The Universe is logical.  There is no pass or fail, no right or wrong way to live your life.  There is only what you like and what you don’t like.

Yes, you learn, but not because anyone is keeping score and not because you might fail and mess up and fall down and never get it right.  You don’t have to get it right.  Your mission is to live in the way that you like.

Yes, there are consequences to actions, thoughts, and feelings.  What you get to learn is which actions, thoughts, and feelings bring the consequences you like, instead of the ones you don’t like.

Yes, it can be a little tricky.  But you have plenty of cosmic help and support.  Instead of “lessons”, think of “messages”.  Messages come at you all the time.  This is the word I prefer to “lessons”.  If you think of “messages” being provided to you through the consequences you are experiencing, you can figure out which messages lead you to the consequences you like.

Pay attention!  Thoughts that pop into your head, conversations you overhear, something that gets your attention on the radio, experiences that happen to you, and eventually your own body… all of these contain messages that are intended to guide you toward what you like.

Pay attention!

Should Healing Be Free?

From Pamela Bruner of Make Your Success Easy

Should Healing Be Free?

I received an email this week from one of my subscribers, saying that he wouldn’t participate in a very low-priced tapping offering because the people that he worked with (people with addictions, depression, etc) couldn’t afford it. He also said that the spirit of EFT was to be given away, not sold.

I hear this frequently from healers. There are some who believe that healing should be given away, and that to make money, especially to make more money than you need for subsistence living, is just wrong if you’re a healer. I disagree with this, and here’s why.

1) Just because some people can’t afford something doesn’t mean that it should be given away free to all. Some people can’t afford to shop at Walmart. Should Walmart give away their wares? I’m not arguing against charity – I believe strongly in giving back. I believe that businesses have a responsibility to charge for the transformation that they provide, and then give back in some way as well. But if you give it all away, you’re broke, out of business, and have NOTHING to give back. Jack Canfield taught me ‘When you’re poor, the good that you can do is limited to your physical presence.’ Jack taught me how to write multi-thousand dollar checks to charity. Wouldn’t you like to have more reach?

2) People value what they pay for. Period. I’ve seen it over and over again. Free resources go unused, dismissed, and de-valued – no matter how valuable – just because they are free. Giving tastes of what you do for free is great – it allows people to sample, experiment and lower their risk before they invest with you. EVERY wealthy EFTer I know, and unfortunately there aren’t many, gives away free support in some form. But giving everything away – or underpricing it – means that the transformation you provide will in many cases be ignored. And that’s a real shame. (It also creates an attitude of entitlement, which is currently rampant in the world and further disempowers people.)

3) You have to take care of yourself to do your work well. It may be true in healing that the work comes through you, not by you, and that you’re acting as a channel for Spirit. But if you’re constantly overworked, stressed about money, or not practicing good self-care because you don’t have the time or the resources, you’re not an effective healer/coach/practitioner. You do actually need to live well, take time off, eat good food, etc, in order to do your best work – the work that truly serves your clients and the world.

4) If you’re a healer, and you’re broke, it’s probably not because you’re chock-full of clients and not charging enough. It’s because you don’t have enough clients, which means you’re not helping as many people as you could. In order to truly help people, you need to get out, market yourself, grow your business, talk to people, be confident in what you do, and so much more. This takes time, energy, and yes – money. To do good, it takes cash. It’s been said ‘It took millions to keep Mother Teresa poor.’ She was constantly attracting money, although she didn’t choose to keep it for herself. Is your system working that well?

5) Poverty is not a status-symbol. Humans all have a need for status (this is a psychological fact.) There is always something that you are better at than someone else, and something that others are better at than you. Too many healers are claiming poverty as a status symbol, i.e. ‘I’m a better person because I’m not rich, in fact I’m barely scraping by.’ I’ll admit that I used to hold this mistaken, disempowering belief back when I was a musician. Because I couldn’t make that much money, I would denigrate those who did. It was petty. It’s not noble to be poor. Look for another way to feel good about yourself, rather than poverty.

If you want to be poor, you can. If you want to make more money, you can do that as well. Be aware that it’s a choice, and empower yourself by honoring both the choice that works for you, and the choice made by those who want to do more good in the world by becoming wealthy, and sharing their gifts.

The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

“Why Did I Attract THIS?”

That’s the question we all need to ask all the time. Many people have seen “The Secret” and have been studying the Law of Attraction, so they’re starting to be conversant in some of its principles.

In my practice as a psychic medium and medical intuitive, I’ve noticed that my clients don’t get the whole picture of just what this attraction thing is.

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction is a law of physics that applies to your life in that what you put your attention on is naturally drawn to you. Most people look at this law thus: “How can I attract more money/love/etc.?”

And that is great. That is the best use of the Law of Attraction and if you are consistently attracting things, people, relationships, and experiences that please you, I congratulate you!  That is fantastic!

Unfortunately, that is not the case for about 99% of us out there. Most of us continue to attract at least a few things that we’re not too crazy about and here’s the kicker:  NOBODY KNOWS THEY’RE DOING IT.

By focusing our attention on things, experiences, relationships, and feelings–that we like or do not like–we attract them into our lives.

You read that right:  THAT WE LIKE OR DO NOT LIKE. Everything in your life right now, like it or not, has been attracted to you BY YOU. Ta-dum! You are the author of your own life, so I hope it’s a book you really enjoy reading.

A while back, within one week, I talked to three clients who were actually offended when I suggested that they had attracted experiences into their life that they didn’t like. “Why would I attract THAT?” they demanded. “I don’t want THAT, it’s BAD.”

Right, I get that. I understand that you don’t consciously want car trouble, health problems, bad grades, bad breath, or whatever. Who would?

And that’s exactly why you need to ask, “Why did I attract THIS?” Anything that gets your attention for better or worse, ask the question.

Here’s a dire example. My husband died suddenly several years ago and left me with two small children to raise and very little life insurance. Why did I attract THAT?

Why indeed.  I may never know all the reasons, but I know there are some, probably many.  You know what I always say–everything happens not for A reason, but for many reasons.

And with some of these larger things (and maybe the small things too), rest assured that, at some point before your birth, your spirit got together with other spirits to plan some of the important events you wanted in your lives as humans.

This is why we sometimes have trouble understanding-we don’t communicate with our own spirits very well. It’s why we attract both things we like and things we don’t.

The good news is that, once you recognize that your thoughts and energy have created what you’ve got–you have all the power to create what you DO like from here on out.

Easier said that done?  Absolutely.  Impossible?  Not at all.

I’ve just urged you to ask the question, “Why did I attract THIS?” for anything you encounter that is not the best possible thing.  (It’s a good idea to ask the question for those things you like, too, so you learn how to bring more of those into your life.)

And here’s another lesson in this seedy underbelly of the Law of Attraction: what about undesirable things that happen to other people who are in your life? Well, they are in your life, so you have attracted them, right? Parents, children, spouses, etc. So what happens to them is part of your life too.

Let’s say that your spouse contracts an illness. Did your spouse attract this illness?  Yes.  Did you attract this illness to your spouse?  No, BUT you attracted an ill spouse into your own life.

Aha!  Do you get that?  So the illness itself, as a THING, is serving multiple purposes for multiple people.

“Why would I attract THAT?”

GREAT QUESTION!  Please continue to ask it.

There can be any number of reasons why you would be served by your spouse’s illness, to wit, an opportunity to care for this person who has given you so much, proof to yourself that you are strong and capable in the way you deal with this, an urge to make changes in your life… the list of possibilities is endless.

If you are asking the question “Why did I attract THIS?”, and the answers are hard to find, a good psychic who understands the workings of the Universe and is also a medical intuitive (such as yours truly) will help you figure out just “Why did I attract THIS?”

I hope you’re hungry, because this is a lot of food for thought.

Don’t Force It–Pull

For those of you who are, like me, old enough to remember such things, there was a delightful little sitcom on TV in the ’70s, called “Laverne & Shirley”.  It spun off from another sitcom, “Happy Days”.  (While it may have been a while ago, my barely-grown daughters are familiar with both shows, so you probably are too.  But if not, you can always Google it.)

Laverne and Shirley were roommates and best friends, so in the pilot episode, they moved into their new basement apartment in Milwaukee.  A scene that sticks with me is where Laverne is trying to get her key out of the lock.  She’s tugging with all her might, pushing one foot against the door for leverage, but the key won’t budge.

The landlady stops by and Laverne complains, “I can’t the stupid key out of the lock!”  The landlady reaches for the key and pulls it out with ease. 

“How did you do that?” Laverne asks, incredulous.

“Don’t force it–pull,” replies the landlady quite simply.

Later, the scene is played out again with Shirley sliding out the key and telling Laverne, “Don’t force it–pull.”

I’ve thought about this a lot lately.  Not because I have so much time to think about 1970s sitcoms, but because any time I feel like I am not attracting, creating, or accomplishing what I really desire, this simple phrase pops into my head:  Don’t force it–pull.

Replace “pull” with “allow” or “receive” and you’ve got a powerful motto. 

Sometimes when I feel like I am working very hard to create or attract what I want, I get this message and I think, I have to walk away, let go of all this “action” and simply allow my desires to manifest. 

This is for you.

Talk of Recession Harmful to Economy

[originally published May 30, 2008] —>  NOTICE THIS ORIGINAL DATE!  I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE!  (And this was BEFORE the crash in October, 2008.)

“This has GOT to stop!” Thus spake my beloved grandmother on the occasion of her 80th birthday, as she craned her imperious, permanent-waved head toward the car’s power window to criticize my father. Several members of the family were packed into two cars and had discovered yet a third Houston restaurant to be closed.

Grandmother’s words were never more pertinent than now:  This talk of recession has got to stop!

Every headline reeks of havoc, recession, human-rights violations, oppression, fatigue, war, and Arma-crazy-geddon. I’m telling you, I’ve had it.  This has got to stop!

I look around me and everywhere I see a nation of big consumers. Sure, we gripe about the high price of gas, but we keep buying it. We keep driving wherever we want to or have to go. As a nation, we give generously to charitable causes at home and abroad. We keep buying more iPhones® and Wiis® and the other latest gadgets. We have so much disposable income, we now lag only behind Brazil in per capita elective plastic surgeries. And we have so much good food that we continue to be the fattest people on the planet.

Despite the record federal debt, we remain fabulously wealthy, compared with any time in history and any nation thus far. And yet, all we see are headlines and news stories reporting that the Dow dipped again or the NASDAQ saw its worst day since two-thousand-whatever or the economy is headed for heck in a handbasket, if it hasn’t already arrived.  A cautiously optimistic headline like, “Retailers rejoice over a strong May” gets buried like it’s decomposing.

Stop it already!  The thoughts and ideas that we entertain the most are the ones that continue to grow.  In other words, talk of a good economy encourages more of that good thing.  Likewise, endless talk of recession creates recession. Think about it. The last time the economy was great, it just kept getting greater. Remember the famous quote from the first Clinton campaign in ’92, “It’s the economy, stupid”? Well, that was no accident. The economy seemed to take on a fanciful life of its own when everyone noticed how great it was.

When was the last time you saw a good headline about the economy? I have actually seen a few, but they seem to be snatched off the internet headlines like dry laundry off the line, to be replaced with dirty laundry about–what else? Recession.

If you need help, here’s a great story to hang your hat on: Very recently, a couple of my friends decided they wanted to move to another neighborhood. They listed their house with a Realtor® and held an open house on a Saturday. That day, there were 11 showings of the house. By the following Monday evening, they had six-count ’em, six-offers on their house. The best one was considerably higher than the asking price.

2011 update:  My sister recently sold her house similarly quickly–listed on Wednesday, open house Saturday, three serious offers on Monday, two of whom got into a little bidding war, and my sister and her husband reaped more than their asking price!

This is not an isolated incident, and yet we hear nothing about it in the news. We must find those happy stories and hang onto them with all our might! Believe me, our might is better spent that way than on sorrier tales.

I’m not asking you to give up all bad news. And I’m certainly not suggesting that you live in a dreamy bubble, ignoring war or famine or people who need your care. All I am saying is, please stop writing and reading and listening to the news stories that say only bad and negative things every blessed day. And when you find a good story, for all our sakes, milk it for all it’s worth!

Remember, as Grandmother said, “This has GOT to stop!”