You have a Destiny, a meant-to-be THING you are supposed to do in your life.

The essence of that Destiny is for you to
enjoy your life,
be happy,
have fun,
learn things that interest you,
become self-aware,
become other-aware,
have a good time,
connect with, love, and help others,
experience all the breadth and depth of emotion, and
enjoy being a spiritual being having a human experience.

But here’s the big secret about your Destiny that nobody’s ever told you:

You get to choose it.

It’s not some quixotic quest or cosmic crusade,
nor is it an undiscoverable mystery—
you get to choose from the gifts you were born with to create your own recipe for “Destiny Stew”.

You have gifts and talents that are intended to be used for two things:

To have fun and
To help others

Think of something you know you are good at, one of your natural gifts, like singing, being a good listener, or athletic ability.

Doesn’t it feel good to flex that gift, even if you are just singing in the shower?

You know why it feels good? So you’ll do it. See how that is a “meant-to-be” kind of thing?

Awareness of your talents can be a bit tricky to come by, because if something is easy for you, you may have the crazy idea that it’s easy for everyone. (That’s what I used to think.)

But it’s not. Your gifts are unique to you, and they present in the unique way that only you can express them. Sure, lots of people can sing, but nobody sings exactly like you do.

“Every talent fulfilled and used in service to others blesses both the server and the served.” ~~MoJo Medium

Here’s a template for your “Destiny Stew” recipe:

  • Figure out what those gifts are.
  • Choose your favorite/s.
  • Decide how you want to use them.
  • Put them to work in service to others (for moola or not).
  • Enjoy!

Ta-daa! You’ll fulfill your Destiny—and love your life.

Pssst! Here’s another secret: Your Destiny may actually be in several parts. If you get tired or bored of your original Destiny Stew, you can make a new recipe and do it all again.