An Angel Card for You (21)

Mermaids and DolphinsHere is an angel card to guide your day. I am using my favorite deck, Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.” Whenever you may read this, the message is for you now.

Worthiness – Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways.

And my interpretation for you – I usually offer up my “worthy vs. deserving” lecture with this one, but I’m tired of it, so let me make a declaration:

You are worthy of love, joy, and abundance.

Yes, you are. You may not feel any of those three things, but it isn’t because you are not worthy of them. It is only because you are holding yourself back from them, such as by believing you are not worthy. If you did not have value and worth, you simply would not be here.

Be kind to yourself today and every day.

Does it theme hot in here to you?

header - stump w-sistermysticDo you “do” New Year’s Resolutions, goal-setting, intention-creating, or any other kind of inspired planning?

I’m not that big on them, actually. And I have recently read that some people refuse to do them because it creates unnecessary pressure and disappointment. Maybe that’s you too.

But I DO like to come up with a theme or main idea for each New Year. For 2014, I chose “enthusiasm”.

And WOW.

Whether I created it or predicted it (does it matter?), ENTHUSIASM showed up for me hugely in 2014! From feeling it myself, to having events occur that made me feel it, to meeting a very enthusiastic man who was just waiting to become my True Love, enthusiasm was everywhere I looked.

This was the first time my theme was really obviously successful for me. I think I chose “change” for 2013, because I was pretty dang sick of the s**t-storms that preceded it. And things did change considerably–I got a new job and rode a roller coaster emotionally and financially. So that was fun.

But back to themes that we can actually enjoy. This year, I asked my angels, during my usual shower prayer time (also known as “spray and pray”), what theme would be good for me this year. I was so pleased with 2014 in general and with my theme of enthusiasm, I was sure they could help me suss out my best possible theme for 2015.

And they delivered. As usual.

My theme for 2015 is… Ta-da!

Help Others.

That’s it. Simple, right?

And how does this “LOOK” for me for the coming year? How will it manifest? Frankly, I don’t know yet! But, just as I did last year, I will keep the idea of “help others” in mind as I go through each day. And I will notice when the theme shows up in real and concrete ways. I know that’s all I have to do. The angels have spoken.

If you want to do something like this, and choose a theme, try asking your angels to give you the right idea. Yes, you may certainly make a vision board, a list of potential words and phrases, and/or a fist to determine your theme. But I find that simple is usually best. So here is your script:

“Hello, angels/guides/helpers/God/Universe/sub-conscious. I want a theme for 2015. What do you got?”

And then shut up and listen.

Much love, peace, and HELP to you in the coming year and beyond! Love and kisses, Susan K.

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Life Lessons

study babyI received an email from a fellow spiritual teacher in which she talked about “lessons”.  You’ve probably heard something about lessons all your life–you have to learn your lessons, you came into this life to learn certain lessons and you’ll keep being challenged until you learn the lesson.


Pardon my profanity, but I never like using the word “lessons”.  The word “lesson” contains implicit reference to your ability to pass or fail.  And that’s just not how it works.

The Universe is logical.  There is no pass or fail, no right or wrong way to live your life.  There is only what you like and what you don’t like.

Yes, you learn, but not because anyone is keeping score and not because you might fail and mess up and fall down and never get it right.  You don’t have to get it right.  Your mission is to live in the way that you like.

Yes, there are consequences to actions, thoughts, and feelings.  What you get to learn is which actions, thoughts, and feelings bring the consequences you like, instead of the ones you don’t like.

Yes, it can be a little tricky.  But you have plenty of cosmic help and support.  Instead of “lessons”, think of “messages”.  Messages come at you all the time.  This is the word I prefer to “lessons”.  If you think of “messages” being provided to you through the consequences you are experiencing, you can figure out which messages lead you to the consequences you like.

Pay attention!  Thoughts that pop into your head, conversations you overhear, something that gets your attention on the radio, experiences that happen to you, and eventually your own body… all of these contain messages that are intended to guide you toward what you like.

Pay attention!

The Attractor Factor

Just a quick rec for one of the books I am currently reading.

Dr. Joe Vitale’s The Attractor Factor is a real game-changer.  It is  a simple system of spiritual/energetic tools for manifestation.  Joe shares a wealth of spiritual information, too, most of which I teach also, but much of which is still new to people.

I’ve mentioned before that it is remarkably similar to my own 3-D system, so of course I have to recommend it!  And I am also inspired to write my 3-D into a book, so I have Joe to thank for that too.

Think Chicken

When I was a child, I was the entertainer in the family.  My dad is a stand-up comic (It was tough to make him laugh.) and my mom is a wonderful audience.    My sister has other gifts, like being brilliant and academic, so this was one of my roles.

One thing I used to do was to imitate a chicken.  I don’t remember where I learned to do it, but I remember being about 8 or 9 years old and making my parents laugh their heads off with it.  Once, my dad asked, “How do you do that?”  And I shrugged and said, “You just think chicken.”

Now, as an actress (My entertainment abilities took me to the stage for years, and I recently returned in community theatre.), this is really how I create a character.  I think about that character and become her. 

And this is how you create everything in your life.  You may know that you create everything, whether consciously or un-, but that is another blog post.  Or seven.  You “think chicken” and become chicken. 

You’ll find similar explanations in Napoleon Hill’s classic self-help book, Think and Grow Rich, the old 80s theory of “dress for success”, and probably every self-improvement process you can think of. 

If you want to be, do, or have something (material things, experiences, relationships, changes), you have to think chicken.  Think that you ARE, ARE DOING, or ARE HAVING that something.

It all starts with thinking chicken.  Good cluck!  (Whew.  Sorry, that was terrible!)

Should Healing Be Free?

From Pamela Bruner of Make Your Success Easy

Should Healing Be Free?

I received an email this week from one of my subscribers, saying that he wouldn’t participate in a very low-priced tapping offering because the people that he worked with (people with addictions, depression, etc) couldn’t afford it. He also said that the spirit of EFT was to be given away, not sold.

I hear this frequently from healers. There are some who believe that healing should be given away, and that to make money, especially to make more money than you need for subsistence living, is just wrong if you’re a healer. I disagree with this, and here’s why.

1) Just because some people can’t afford something doesn’t mean that it should be given away free to all. Some people can’t afford to shop at Walmart. Should Walmart give away their wares? I’m not arguing against charity – I believe strongly in giving back. I believe that businesses have a responsibility to charge for the transformation that they provide, and then give back in some way as well. But if you give it all away, you’re broke, out of business, and have NOTHING to give back. Jack Canfield taught me ‘When you’re poor, the good that you can do is limited to your physical presence.’ Jack taught me how to write multi-thousand dollar checks to charity. Wouldn’t you like to have more reach?

2) People value what they pay for. Period. I’ve seen it over and over again. Free resources go unused, dismissed, and de-valued – no matter how valuable – just because they are free. Giving tastes of what you do for free is great – it allows people to sample, experiment and lower their risk before they invest with you. EVERY wealthy EFTer I know, and unfortunately there aren’t many, gives away free support in some form. But giving everything away – or underpricing it – means that the transformation you provide will in many cases be ignored. And that’s a real shame. (It also creates an attitude of entitlement, which is currently rampant in the world and further disempowers people.)

3) You have to take care of yourself to do your work well. It may be true in healing that the work comes through you, not by you, and that you’re acting as a channel for Spirit. But if you’re constantly overworked, stressed about money, or not practicing good self-care because you don’t have the time or the resources, you’re not an effective healer/coach/practitioner. You do actually need to live well, take time off, eat good food, etc, in order to do your best work – the work that truly serves your clients and the world.

4) If you’re a healer, and you’re broke, it’s probably not because you’re chock-full of clients and not charging enough. It’s because you don’t have enough clients, which means you’re not helping as many people as you could. In order to truly help people, you need to get out, market yourself, grow your business, talk to people, be confident in what you do, and so much more. This takes time, energy, and yes – money. To do good, it takes cash. It’s been said ‘It took millions to keep Mother Teresa poor.’ She was constantly attracting money, although she didn’t choose to keep it for herself. Is your system working that well?

5) Poverty is not a status-symbol. Humans all have a need for status (this is a psychological fact.) There is always something that you are better at than someone else, and something that others are better at than you. Too many healers are claiming poverty as a status symbol, i.e. ‘I’m a better person because I’m not rich, in fact I’m barely scraping by.’ I’ll admit that I used to hold this mistaken, disempowering belief back when I was a musician. Because I couldn’t make that much money, I would denigrate those who did. It was petty. It’s not noble to be poor. Look for another way to feel good about yourself, rather than poverty.

If you want to be poor, you can. If you want to make more money, you can do that as well. Be aware that it’s a choice, and empower yourself by honoring both the choice that works for you, and the choice made by those who want to do more good in the world by becoming wealthy, and sharing their gifts.