As you probably know, I often channel information and answers from my clients’ angels and guides in a process I call “taking cosmic dictation”.  I also channel a general message each month for members of my SPARKLE Club.

The message that I received for the SPARKLE Club this month begged for a wider audience.  One of my members emailed me with this response:   “Why didn’t you just write my name across the message?  It’s probably written on my forehead.  Haha!”  So I knew–this was good.  Good for you, good for me.  Let’s read it:

Oh, pooh.  We know sometimes you feel this way.  You feel like you are not where you want to be and you really have no idea how to get there.  Well, you know those accursed “hows”!  They’re really not up to you.  If you will let that be the case.  You struggle because you hold on so tight to what MUST happen to feel good and make you happy.  Your outcome has to be just so, and so you keep other good outcomes from happening, because you are holding on so tight.  Loosen your grip, honey!  Let go of the “MUST-BEs”.  Become the designer, not the engineer.  This means you decide what you want it to look like and smell like and what you want it to do for you, and the Universe engineers HOW that will come into being.  Have you ever looked at a situation and said, “I should have been more specific”?  Well, that’s what we mean.  That situation reflects that you were holding on too tight to what it MUST BE.  Instead, focus on the feelings you want to experience, and let the Universe be your engineer.  We love you always.

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