[originally published October 19, 2007–and still completely relevant]


That’s the question we all need to ask all the time.

Many people have seen “The Secret” (and if you haven’t seen it, please go to http://www.thesecret.tv/ and watch it) and have been studying the Law of Attraction, so they’re starting to be conversant in some of those principles.

In my practice as a psychic medium and medical intuitive, I am starting to notice that my clients don’t get the whole picture of just what this attraction thing is.

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction is a law of physics that applies to your life in that what you put your attention on, you attract to you. Most people look at this law like “How can I attract more money/love/etc.?”

And that is great. That is the best use of the Law of Attraction and if you are consistently attracting things, people, relationships, and experiences that please you, I congratulate you! That is fantastic!

Unfortunately, that is not the case for about 98% of us out there. Most of us continue to attract at least a few things that we’re not too crazy about and here’s the kicker: nobody knows they’re doing it.

Just this past week, I have talked to three clients who were actually offended when I suggested that they had attracted experiences into their life that they didn’t like. “Why would I attract THAT?” they demanded. “I don’t want THAT, it’s BAD.”

Right, I get that. I understand that you don’t consciously want car trouble, health problems, bad grades, bad breath, or whatever. Who would?

And that’s exactly why you need to ask, “Why did I attract THIS?” Anything that gets your attention for better or worse, ask the question.

Here’s a dire example. Many people know that my husband died several years ago and left me with two small children to raise and very little life insurance. Why did I attract THAT?

Why indeed. I may never know all the reasons, but I know there are some, probably many, and some of them I do understand. And with some of those larger things (and maybe the small things too), your spirit got together with other spirits to plan some of the important events you wanted in your life as a human.

This is why we sometimes have trouble understanding—we don’t communicate with our own spirits very well. I work to bridge that gap for my clients, helping them communicate with Spirit and understand why they’re here—even when they’re attracting things they don’t like.

Food for thought, eh?