Oy!  It can be confusing sometimes, just living in this human life, day after day.  And you may have noticed that I have been talking about beliefs lately…  See this post and/or this one.

And if you listened in on the little audio about wealth I did recently, you may have heard me talking about beliefs there too.  In meditation, my angels revealed this to me:

You create what you believe, and you believe what you create.

Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  No way.

Let’s take a closer look at this.  You know that you are creating all the time, right?  That everything in your life, every feeling, every person and relationship, every material thing, every experience–you’ve created and attracted and allowed all of it.  Right?  Okay.

And you further know that you can change everything in your life by choosing to change it and thinking about it.  (For more info on Law of Attraction, refer to www.Abraham-Hicks.com and get a BEST Psychic Reading with me.)

So what this deal is saying is that (a) you create what you believe–okay, so you’re sitting there, wallowing in beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t make more money” or “I’m fat” or whatever negative thing you’re thinking.  And you create that.  You have created that thing you don’t like and don’t want.

However, before you do anything else, you automatically accept what you see and experience as reality.  So (b) you believe what you create.  Looking at what you now have, you say, “This is real, this is reality, this is what I have.  I believe it.”

And then you create what you believe.

Yeah, a vicious cycle indeed.

What can you do about it?  Try not believing what you think is real.  Try not believing at all.  Try believing something that you can’t see or feel right now.

And when you’ve got it licked, let me know!