Y’all. This is serious.

It is the age-old question. The one that has puzzled philosophers and Joe Blows since time immemorial:

Why are we here?

I was working on this recently, and by “working on”, I mean I was meditating, asking my A&G’s*, and feeling around psychically, as is my wont.

The first answer that came through was one you may have heard before: To make the world a better place.

I like that answer. In the past, I have been told that we are here to be happy, to find what we love to do and do it. I’ve also learned that we all have talents, and we are free to use those talents in service to others, thereby blessing ourselves and those whom we serve. I like those answers too.

But this idea of making the world a better place brought me to another question: Why? Why do we come here, into physical life, to make our physical world a better place?

And here’s what came through. It’s a doozie, so hang on to your hat: We are compelled to do so.

Yeah. It’s not even so much a compulsion as it is an instinct, an innate drive–innate to the body AND the soul! Wow.

You know how the survival instinct is so incredibly strong? How hunger drives you to eat? That, if you want to starve yourself for a hunger strike, it’s physically very difficult. Even someone who wants to kill himself has to override the body’s strong instinct to stay alive. Psychologists say it is almost impossible to commit suicide by drowning, because your body will fight instinctively to overcome the water. Even when a person dies of natural causes, the body will sometimes twitch or spasm as the soul tries to leave. That survival instinct is the most powerful that we are born with.

And the instinct or drive or compulsion to return to the physical from the non-physical–that heavenly place where all is joy and love?–is at least that strong. We HAVE to come back and try to make the world a better place. It’s biology. Not just spirit, which science has yet to fully define.

Before I received this information, I had come to believe, or even to feel that I KNOW, that a soul hangs out in Heaven and plans its next life. Among other things, of course, such as checking in on their loved ones and maybe fitting a round of golf or a game of bridge here and there. (That’s only partly a joke.) Some souls attend classes and meetings, while others seem to be hanging out and enjoying the newly-re-discovered peace and happiness that are Heaven.

In addition, some years ago, I channeled this message about what happens to people after death:

They are a different kind of energy [from physical] and do not stay with you constantly. Their energy melds with that of the Universe, or God, and returns to a collective stance. They then can check in on you and visit you, but they are doing other work. What is this work? They are finding out what their next life will be and deciding what they want to experience and who to take with them. It is like planning a corporation. The plans always come through. Nothing is ever wasted or done “wrong.”

And I have always found this helpful and inspiring. Then, my husband, who is also my CFO, CPA, Grand Vizier, and Muse, started asking, “Why are we here? Why do we keep coming back? Why wouldn’t we want to stay where there’s so much happiness and we get to be with our loved ones?”

You have probably wondered that yourself. And now, I have an answer. Is it THE answer? We can only speculate at this point. But I am going to act like it’s the Truth with a Big T, and I am going to keep trying to make the world a better place.

If that’s what most people–or even SOME people do–life after life, working to leave the world even a little better than they found it–then the world and all humanity will continue to evolve into a stronger, better, happier, more prosperous, healthier place. And we’re going to want that, since we have to keep coming back just like we have to eat!

*A&G’s = Angels & Guides. Of course. :o)


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