I hope your holidays were great!  Mine were!  And as I rang in the New Year, I started thinking about what I do, what I like to do, and what inspires me.  And what I came up with might just inspire you.

This might be sort of like what you do with each New Year, or maybe every month or something like that.  If not, I suggest you take a moment every now and again to review where you’ve been and think about where you’d like to go.  At the very least!

2010 was hellacious for me–as it probably was for you.  Most people I know, including clients, friends, and family, had a tough year.  And you may have read my posts about looking for the end of it to come soon.

So as 2010 wound down, I was certainly looking forward to something new, better, different, a time in my life when I can experience all the joyful things I think of.  And I thought about times in the past when I have been successful and comfortable–and experiencing all those joyful things!  I remembered my first business…

I woke up on a Monday morning in May, 1999, and had a very clear inspiration:  I would begin a business based on my former job.  To create this business, I sat down with my old job description and my “Directory of Facilities and Services” (I had been a facilities manger for a large corporation), and I wrote down a list of all the tasks therein that I enjoyed doing.  Anything I didn’t like to do was definitely not included.

This is how I developed my menu of services for my business.

Next, I made a list of everyone I could think of who worked or owned a business in Austin.  I started calling every person on that list, about 250, and telling them what I was doing.  I wasn’t making sales calls, just saying hello and what I was up to.  I asked them to keep me in mind if they knew of anyone who needed a service that was on my list.

Well, lo and behold, it wasn’t long before I talked to someone who knew someone.  Within days, I had my first contract!

As much as I loved that business, I have come a long way since 1999!  And my current business is very different from that one.  But I took a page from my old 1999 book, and I sat down this year and looked at my services.  I enjoy doing all of them, so I asked myself, what do I love to do the most?

I’ve known the answer for a long time:  sit around and chat.  I love to talk with people.  And I especially love to teach.  So what really inspires me is…you!  If I don’t have anyone to sit around and chat with, how can I serve in the way I was meant to serve?

Thus, I’d have to say that my favorite service is Suzi-Q&A (psychic readings), which I do in private readings by phone or Skype and  in person for groups.  I answer questions and/or give mini-readings and, along the way, I give insight into everyone’s life.

With all of this introspection, I came to this conclusion:  In 2011, I am concentrating on Suzi-Q&As and individual readings and coaching.  Oh, I will definitely continue to offer all my services, but I will focus mainly on answering questions–your questions.

Since I feel called to teach and share with others all that I know about the workings of the Universe, this seems to make the most sense.

So keep an eye on me, my emails (sign up here), and this blog.  You’ll definitely want to see what happens next!