Did I Go Too Far?

beachy keen hearts richFrom time to time, I have a little convo with my (or someone else’s) angels or with a deceased person, and then I might feel inclined to share the information I have received with the person or persons who might benefit from said information.

However, I am not always confident that sharing is the right thing to do. And I do tend to err on the side of… whatever is the opposite of caution.

Not long ago, Jane passed away. I didn’t really know Jane all that well, but she was a fixture in my life, the same way that many people from my hometown are. When we were kids, we went to the same church. My sister and Jane were the same age. Jane’s parents were friends with my parents. Naturally, we had mutual friends and–well, we just knew each other. We were lifelong friends, even if we didn’t call and visit each other. And she was a really neat lady. Her untimely death was very sad.

As Jane lay dying of cancer, she was enrolled in hospice care and remained at home with her family. I was talking to my dad about Jane’s situation one day, and I was thinking about her. That evening, I “tuned in” to Jane and asked how she was doing. I imagined she was in a coma or possibly heavily medicated, but the first thing she showed me was herself in heaven, “blissfully happy”, she said, and surrounded by beauty and nature. I have on occasion seen people who are near death, in a coma, or very old, who seem to “visit” the Other Side ahead of their actual passing. It is similar to what you have probably heard of: a dying person being “visited” by loved ones who have already passed. Thus, I didn’t find her appearance in heaven to be exceptional.

Since I believed her to still be with us, I asked if there was anything she needed or that I could help with. She showed me a small object under her bed, it looked like a white cup, and she indicated she would like for it to be returned to its owner. I imagined calling her husband, whom I have met perhaps once, and telling him this. Even if he believed me, I imagined him saying, “It’s a rented hospital bed. There’s nothing under it.” Then I would say, “But Jane insists–maybe it belongs to the previous occupant of the bed–I don’t know, but she insists.”

The next day, I saw on Facebook that Jane had died the preceding morning, the morning before I communicated with her in the evening. “So she really was already in heaven,” I realized. (This gives you an idea of how mediumship can be confusing without someone to bounce it off of.) I sent a private message to Jane’s best friend, Karyn, telling her what I just told you above. Facebook shows when a private message has been seen, and Karyn saw it, but she didn’t respond.

I started to think that I might have overstepped my bounds. Maybe I was out of line to just throw that information at Karyn, whom I knew about as well as I had known Jane; that is, not very well. I knew Karyn had grown up Catholic–maybe what I said about being able to communicate with Jane was offensive to her, maybe she thought mediumship was heretical or diabolical! I really hoped I had not offended her. The work I do is always meant to comfort, enlighten, and heal, never to hurt. (And yes, there is the entertainment factor, but that’s another umpteen stories.)

Fast forward a few days to Jane’s funeral. Karyn gave a beautiful eulogy about her best friend of 40 years. The entire audience were moved to laughter and tears by the tender, amusing, and heart-rending stories Karyn shared. At the very end, Karyn said, “And finally, I have it from a very reliable source that Jane is now ‘blissfully happy’.”

I am misty even now, writing this story. I knew because of that that I had done the right thing, to share the information that would heal and help. Thank you, Jane, for talking to me and for guiding me to bring friends together.

Do you think I went too far? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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How Do I Do It?

Psychic Fly on the Psychic Wall

At the very end of the reading, I asked the client, is there anything else you need to know?fly

She said, “Just if there is anything else, maybe that I don’t even know to ask.”

I felt around psychically, like I do, and got a clear picture of a button AND the WORD “button”. I told her about that, then added,

“It could be a name.

Yes, is there someone at your work who is called button?”

Yes. Yes, there is. And the person’s LAST NAME is BUTTON.

I am crapping you negative.

What the heck? How bizarre is this ability that I have been blessed with?

One of the questions a lot of people ask me is, “How do you receive information?”

Maybe you’ve heard of the “clairs”:





I am all of those psychic “clairs” and more. But I find it is easier to understand when I just say it like I feel it.

I see pictures in my mind’s eye. If I told you to close your eyes and picture… oh, the first school you went to, you would conjure up that image, right? (I know that not everyone is good at visualization, but I do think you’ll understand what I mean.)

That’s how it is when I am working, except I am not coming up with the pictures–they are being put there. By whom? Well, first, the people who have passed away and are now in heaven, my clients’ RIPs.

Besides their pictures, the other ones come from… I honestly don’t know. I like to think they are from the clients’ angels/guides and mine, but maybe they are straight out of the clients’ memories or from the energy of the objects and people they have known. Or somewhere/someone else.

I also “hear” in my “mind’s ear”, in the same way you might get a song stuck in your head. And I get feelings, and “movies” play in my head, and many times, I just have thoughts that turn out to be pertinent.

Many years of practice have allowed me to interpret these images, words, thoughts, movies, and feelings. It’s been a long time since I have had to ask those Powers That Be (angels/guides, energy, etc.) to help me understand what they are showing me.


I can’t do any of it without a living person to pull it through. The clients always help me figure out what these messages mean to THEM.

Yes, I can and do often talk to my own Powers That Be, and that is when I pull energy and information through myself–or I will focus on someone else. (And yes, there are also times when I have a dream or other vision that comes to me unbidden.)

But this kind of work is very collaborative, and that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We are all working together to learn what we came here to learn and to get the messages we need, as well as to help everyone around us get their own messages.

An elaborate and intricate tapestry, that’s what it is. Namaste.

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Hey, this “Vision Board” thing really works!

Vision Board January 2016You know about Vision Boards, right? I think they were more popular a few years ago than now, but they are still around. Featured in “The Secret” and about a gazillion teachers’ and gurus’ blogs, Vision Boards are a manifestation tool that simply put your dreams on paper, in visible form. Supposedly, doing this allows your dreams to manifest into reality. There are hundreds of stories of people’s visions coming to fruition, thanks to putting those visions onto boards.

Awhile back, I decided to create my annual Vision Board for New Year’s in a digital format. Instead of poster board and pictures and words cut from magazines, I designed a pretty version in Pic Monkey, an online photo-editing application. (www.picmonkey.com) Here is the second digital Vision Board I created, for 2016.

Then, in November, 2015, I had a new idea: Shrink that baby down to wallet size! I used a 3×5 index card (mine is unruled), created a little border, gave it a title, and proceeded to fill in all the words that described what I wanted out of that title. I admit, I am a Word Nerd, so this is really easy for me. You may need pictures–maybe you can draw little pictures on your Vision Card. (Here is more information about the Vision Card. It includes a story about a Vision Board I made that came true.)

And here is what is super-cool: They work! Apparevision cardsntly, when it comes to manifestation, size doesn’t matter! My fiance, Don, and I just moved. This move has been pretty different from what we had originally expected. We listed our condo for sale back in October or November, just before I created my “our home” Vision Card. I was already shopping online for houses in one of Houston’s suburbs, and I was getting great ideas about what I wanted when we moved. I got really specific about it on my Vision Card, titled “Our Home”.

Fast forward six months, and we have just moved into our new apartment. That’s right, not a house, as we expected. The buyers were in a hurry, so we didn’t have the time we needed to find a new house and get closed before they needed to take possession of the condo. We decided to rent an apartment for six months and then buy a house. Well. Here we are. We found an apartment that we love. Both of us are just crazy about it!

And here’s the Big Happy: Almost everything on that Vision Card is a part of this new home. The few things that are missing we don’t miss too much–and we can save those for the next home. We are already talking about staying here longer than our one-year lease. Yes, it’s that good.

I know you are ready to run right out and make up your own Vision Cards. Happy Visioning!


Buttercups from the Beyond

buttercupMy step-mother, Jean, passed away in January, 2016, after a long illness. My father was her primary care-giver, so her passing, in addition to bringing great sorrow, was a relief, not only to her, but also to my dad and all the family.

In the days following my step-mom’s death, I attempted to contact her. At first, I was just walking to my car and reached out to say a tentative hello. She answered that she would be happy to talk to me later, but she was really busy at the moment. I told my dad and my step-sister. They exchanged a smile and said simultaneously, “Paperwork!”

Later, I had a quiet moment to ask if I could visit with Jean. She showed up in a garden filled with flowers. She wore the pink dress she wore when she married my dad, almost 30 years prior, and she perched gracefully on a swing whose ropes were entwined with spring blossoms. She smiled at me. “Have you met my little boy?” she asked me, gesturing to the six-year-old blond boy standing beside her.

(My step-brother, Ed, passed away in 1995. I believe that six years old must have been her favorite age for Ed. I also believe that she actually died of a broken heart–it just took twenty years to kill her.)

I asked how she was doing and if she had anything for me to relay to my father. She said everything was wonderful and she was really happy there in her garden. Then, she held out a pink evening primrose, known colloquially as a buttercup, which is a pretty little wildflower that grows, along with bluebonnets and a wide array of other blooms, all over Texas in the spring. She pushed it toward me, and I felt like I was watching her on a screen. The buttercup came toward the camera and filled the frame. Jean said, “Be sure to tell your daddy about this. It’s very important.” (She always referred to my dad as “your daddy” when she talked to me.)

I recounted all of this to my dad, who listened enrapt. At the end, I asked, “Does the buttercup mean something to you?” He shook his head. “No. I can’t think of a thing.”

“Don’t worry,” I told him. “It will mean something.”

In the last long and dreary months of her life, Jean had directed my dad in constructing a garden in their backyard. He knew nothing about gardens and flowers, but she told him what would look good and how to get it done. She loved flowers. I’ve often sat in that garden with my dad, both before and after Jean’s passing, enjoying the fruits of her designs.

Daddy and I both thought that maybe buttercups would grow in that garden in the spring that followed, and that would be the message from Jean that my dad was craving. Spring came early and flowers bloomed, but no buttercups appeared in Jean’s garden at my dad’s house.

Every once in awhile, I would ask, “Have you seen the buttercup yet?” No, no buttercups yet. And I would assure him again, “Don’t worry. You’ll find it.”

One day in March, Daddy drove up into East Texas to do some work. (Yes, he still works at 80 years old! Drives too!) He was enjoying his “new life”, one unburdened by care-giving in which he was free to work and play and make his way, and he was wise enough to appreciate it without guilt. The bluebonnets, Texas’ token flower, distributed across the state thanks to efforts by our First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, decades ago, were in full glory. The azaleas were past their peak, but the other wildflowers were making their way amongst the grasses and bluebonnets, as well.

Daddy came to a curve in the highway, and there was a tall embankment in front of him as he approached it, filling his windshield, just as Jean’s buttercup had filled my vision. It was blanketed in wildflowers. He saw how beautiful it was and thought, “This has been painted just for me by the Loving Artist. This is my New Life, full of wonder and opportunity and love.”

And then he saw it. Nestled amongst the bluebonnets, unmistakably and insistently blooming, there grew a two-foot circle of pink blossoms–solid buttercups.



Give Till It Feels Good

cow purseWay back in 2010, I had a little sales job that sent me around the region, calling on potential clients. One of them was a little boutique that carried cheap and cute accessories.

(Speaking of, have you ever read my “Shop Cheap, Look Cute” blog? It’s my fluff blog that’s just for fun. Check it out!)

One day, when I was calling on the shop, and the owner was out, I picked up a cute “cow purse”. It looked sort of like this one, but had purple trim and was more cow than giraffe. I thought it was cute and trendy; my daughters immediately condemned it as “hideous”. Shrug.

Another day, I tried calling on that shop owner again. Then I stopped across the street to pick something up at Hobby Lobby. Outside, a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army smiled at me and wished me a Merry Christmas. She said, “Oh, I love your purse! That is so cute!”

“Thank you!” I sang out in reply. “I got it across the street! And it was cheap! You should get yourself one!” But I recognized pretty quickly that this lady did not have the funds to “get herself one”.

When I came out of the store, she was still smiling and ringing her bell, wishing me a happy time and admiring my purse again.

Suddenly, I got a wild hare–I didn’t have much to spare, but I could cough up a few dollars for another cow purse for this nice lady. I hurried back across the street to the boutique. No more cow purses. Darn. But I did find another one that I liked, so I bought it.

I went out to my car and transferred all my stuff from the “ugly” cow purse into the new one. I had not had it very long and it was showing no wear. I took a five-dollar bill out of my wallet and tucked it into the inside pocket of the cow purse.

Then I drove back to Hobby Lobby and jumped out of my car with the purse. I presented it to the Salvation Army lady and hollered, “Merry Christmas!”

You would have thought I gave her a new car. Her eyes misted up, she hugged the purse, whispered, “Praise God!”, and then turned to me: “Thank you, oh, thank you!”

I smiled so broadly, the lady could see all my fillings! I jumped back in my car and drove away feeling absolutely filled with love and joy. I thought, “If I ever have money, I’m going to give gifts to people all the time. This is the best feeling ever!”

This morning, in the shower, in my usual conference with my angels and guides, I was thanking them for bringing a new client to me. She had sent me an email immediately after our reading, thanking me for connecting her with her late father. She was clearly quite touched.

And I suddenly recognized the feeling that gave me: overwhelming love and joy. I had done it. Not with money and material gifts, but with my spiritual gifts. I had given someone something immeasurably special, and I had felt the joy that she felt.

This is what it’s all about.

You might not be psychic, but you have gifts. I have long said that my daily goal is to use my gifts in service to others. That goal really rang true for me today. Start asking (your angels/guides, God, Universe, Higher Self) how you can use your gifts in service to others. And guess what–you get to feel the joy too.


More Magic from Free Readings on Facebook

Another recent fun and fab Free Readings on Facebook yielded these. Be sure you don’t miss the one with the pregnant lady!

‎L.L. What does spirit want me t know right now?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello! That’s cool, I’m just getting started. Here you go: You are feeling pretty and then not pretty. Spirit shows me your smiling face in the mirror, and says that you are so very pretty and you must trust that. It is important for you to understand this because IT IS GOING TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE. There are several younger women who are struggling with their personal identities and their self-images. You are going to be helping them with that soon, so you must trust your own pulchritude! Love & Kisses, Susan K

‎C.S.M. HI Susan! There are many things going on right now. What do you see for me? Thank you!

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Oh, yes, I can see that you are busy! Mostly, though, you seem to be focusing on one worry, and the rest is kind of going by in a blur, where you’re just doing what must be done, going through the motions. It’s time for you to pay closer attention to all of it, not just the one big worry, which seems to have to do with your child (or a niece or nephew?). I see you in the kitchen, worrying as you cook and wondering what you are supposed to tell this child, what will do any good? It will all do any good, but only if you pay attention to the other stuff too. The child will see you taking care of everything and putting your heart into it and that’s what he or she needs to see from you. Make sense? Love & Kisses, Susan K

C.S.M. Thank you!

‎R.P. Hi Susan, What’s up for me next? Something good I hope. ?career?house?whatever?money love ya thanks

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Well, yes, what’s coming down the pike? I’m seeing a house again, but this one is next to a road, a white road (paved or unpaved, it’s white-ish), and you’re standing in the road and gesturing to the house. It is a white salt-box house–I think it’s the same one I saw for you before, but not sure– and has your name on the mailbox. Is it possible that your husband might not live with you and your son for awhile? Like he would stay behind for work or go on a long business trip or something? Maybe even go to take care of a family member for a bit. Anyway, it just seems like you’ll be rattling around in a big house without him to start with. But you don’t seem unhappy about it, which is why I think it’s temporary. Good luck! Love & Kisses, Susan K

‎M.Q. Hi Susan..What do you see my future in terms of career? thank you..

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! I see more training and a change in a completely different direction. It seems like you do some additional training for what you are doing now (or where you think you are headed) and you complete that and then this other opportunity comes up. Here’s what you need to know, very important: Do NOT think you should stay where you are because you have invested time and training in it. Nothing is ever wasted and you will always use things you have learned. So when the opportunity comes up, do not hesitate to make the leap, even though you never thought you would do that work and you are not sure you will love it–you will love it! Love & Kisses, Susan K

M.Q. Thank you Susan. I am planning to study again something different from my degree. Although I do have some worries about it. You did help. Thank you.

E.A. Hi Susan!!! Thank you~ What would Spirit like me to know and possibly see more clearly. Merci!!! Blissings

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Bon soir! Ah, yes, YOU have a lot of work ahead! I see you putting your head down and, pardon the expression, ass up for most of the rest of the year. This is GOOD, when you have not had as much work as you would have liked, but it is also sometimes daunting and tiring for you. Remember to get plenty of rest. I also see you walking and/or hiking a lot this summer, which is great for you. Do not sacrifice your health for your work. You cannot serve others from an empty bucket! Love & Kisses, Susan K

E.A. Thank you Beautiful!!! Many Blessings for you

‎D.B. Hi Susan! This is C*** – My Father recently passed (12/24) and mother passed in 1999 – any useful or needed messages from them? If they don’t come through, do you see anything really good coming up for me in very near future? Thanks!

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Yes, I knew there was someone’s mother when I sat down to do this tonight. She waved at me and said eagerly, “Can I join in?” I said, sure! And waited to see whose mom she was. Yours! Wonderful! She says Dad is still going through orientation–I do see a gap sometimes between death and getting in touch with someone–so don’t worry about him, he’s fine, but that’s why you have only had inklings of his presence. She also says that she is hungry—? Hungry for news maybe? Not hungry like a person starving in life… Hm… Try talking to her more. Even though she is aware of everything pretty much, she’d like to hear it from you. P.S. If “hungry” means something else to you, please clue me in! Love & Kisses, Susan K

‎T.M.C. Hi Susan thanks for doing the frf again. I am wondering about change, to be or not to be?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello–Well, you know, they say change is inevitable. And yes, I do see a big change for you, one that you instigate. You are making the right decision, you need to know that. Trust yourself. Remember that, no matter how much you love someone, you are not obligated to give yourself up for him or her. You ARE obligated (spiritually, in my opinion) to love yourself and take care of yourself. And that’s what this change is doing for you. Best of luck! Love & Kisses, Susan K

‎O.C. Hi susan what do you see for me? Thanks

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello, LIttle Mama! I’m still seeing twins for you–let me know when you find out! As for everything else, I see you at an amusement park soon–I was going to say this summer, but then I realized that’s winter for you, right? But maybe you will be going on holiday in the winter. Or maybe the roller-coaster I see you on is symbolic! Could be a roller coaster this June-July or could be an actual holiday. Either way, it involves your family, so look for some ups and downs. By August or so, that moves on and things are calm and pleasant well through the end of the year. I don’t see any problems with the pregnancy at term, but maybe the roller coaster is a bit of a scare around that? Not to worry, though, it will end up fine. Love & Kisses, Susan K

O.C. Hi Susan ! & thank you I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop my partner actually said twins the other day as a joke so we will have to wait and see. June / July I will keep an eye on things but we are hoping to move by that stage to a bigger place fun times ! Thanks for your guidance as always x

‎J.E. Hi susan what do you see for me thanks

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello–You are always a little hard to read. I have to look at what’s around you, as you are a tough nut to crack! So what I see is you sitting in a barn with your arms folded. You’re sitting on a crate in some hay–quite bucolic, yes. Question is–what does that mean to you? Your “hard to read” quality is also apparent to others and may be why you sometimes feel lonely. I don’t see you wanting to change or open up, but I do see you running across a book (maybe a video or article) that helps you to start “getting to know yourself” better and becoming happier in your life. This happens by about June of this year, quite a turning point for you. Love & Kisses, Susan K.

T.K.L. Thank you for doing this again. What do I need to know?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi– You are welcome! I am seeing a dog, a new dog! Black and white, 25 pounds or so, a high-spirited sweetie! Unless you tell me this is a dog you used to have who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Because this dog is very happy and loves you tremendously. Hm… The first thing I felt when I tuned into you was “dog” and I thought “new dog”. You will have to tell me. Maybe it’s both–a hello from the dog who is gone and news that a new pooch is coming in. Yes, I like that. I feel continued quiet within your household–maybe that’s why you’re getting a dog–but not forever, things break loose around June. Love & Kisses, Susan K

T.K.L.  Thank you.

‎S.P. Hi Susan What guidance do I need with my life right now? Thank you

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello! Mainly you need to keep your own counsel. You tend not to trust yourself, but you are wiser than you know, and you are very good at researching what works for you and what doesn’t. Now, when you look up something like “How can I improve my self-esteem?” and you read the articles and helpful suggestions, weigh each one in your gut. Ask, does this work for ME, does this make sense to ME? Because there’s a lot of garbage out there, but you are good at sifting through it–you just don’t know that yet! Love & Kisses, Susan K

‎C.P. DNA test that was done on 1/26/16, will it come back positive so we can get our daughter?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi–Wow, what a tough question! Must be a difficult situation! Okay, this is what I am getting: “Shh, be quiet and listen. Chantel is fine. Her daughter is fine. This is fine.” So I ask, “will she get her daughter?” and I am told, “This is fine.” It’s quite dispassionate, as these answers often are. In other words, you are feeling very strongly about the situation, but the information that comes to me is without emotion. Unfortunately, I am not able to get a yes or no specifically. Only that it is “fine” and you can trust that. Love & Kisses, Susan K

C.P.  This means the world to me. I feel the answer so strongly in my heart. I thank you for blessing me with this information. It has been a very looonnnggg drawn out process with cps. The other day, i heard let go, i got this. So i did. Love you lady. Blessings

‎D.S.G. Hi Susan, I’m going in so many directions since retrograde & too many questions so I decided to just ask for whatever direction or input you’re given for me , thank you so much !

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello! Well, you feel pulled in many directions, but I see you with a very straight road in front of you, so everything you are doing is related and/or is leading you to the same conclusion and/or result. Your life is actually very good right now, but you are too busy to notice. Take a deep breath and notice! It’s about to get a whole lot better too–there is something really good coming in June that feels to me like money, a windfall of some sort, not a raise in salary, a lump sum. Be sure to get your lottery tickets! Love & Kisses, Susan K

D.S.G.  Oh my Susan you are one awesome woman & thank you so so much, I really needed this !!

‎A.H. Hi again! Anything helpful I need to know? Thanks

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello! Okay, this may sound a bit odd, but I am getting that you need to be careful driving and that you should check the back seat of your car before getting in. I would not get this information if you couldn’t do anything about it, like an accident or break-in. It is more likely that you’ll have a near-miss soon. Other than that, your angels and guides want you to keep going like you’re going and remember to call on them–they say they can’t help you unless you ask. How about that? Love & Kisses, Susan K.

A.H.  Good info to have, and a much needed reminder at the end! Thanks

S.O.L. Tell me what I need to know!

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello! Well. Where do we start with you? It seems like you used to travel and go places and do all kinds of things and you don’t anymore. BUT that’s not what’s actually going on. Even though you feel “still”, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, plans that are made for you and getting put into action. You’ll be traveling again soon, likely in April and/or May. And then again later in the year, like November. And maybe some in the summer. There is just a lot coming up, and yes, Europe is on the itinerary! Love & Kisses, Susan K

S.O.L. Yay! Planning a trip in May for a family wedding and am hoping to go to California this fall. No Europe on my itinerary yet, but would love to go back!

J.J.   Will I have a relationship with Hoss? I’m may 12/66 he’s may 13/72

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello– I used to post much longer instructions that warned against such questions, because my answer would usually be something like, “love yourself first and the ONE will come along”. But you have asked, and I did not ban such questions, so… Hoss is very interested in you but Hoss is also interested in Hoss. He can be flighty like that–he gets distracted by “shiny things” and goes away and comes back. Because of this, you lose patience with him. Ultimately, I will answer “yes, but…” Yes, but it won’t last because of this distraction problem. Love & Kisses, Susan K

‎M.N. Thanks for the FRF!! Have a lot going on right now. What should I be focusing at the moment?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello! Oh, I wish we had gone for Starbucks yesterday and then I would know all that is going on with you right now. Let me see what the Powers have to say… Read, read, read. And I am actually getting the Bible in there, too. Aren’t you the one with red books that have shown up in readings? Anyway, you are reading a lot, and you are supposed to read a lot. Read one fiction and one self-help and one business right now. When you’re done with those, start again. And poke your nose into the Bible now and again. I don’t know why, but “THEY” say you must. Love & Kisses, Susan K

M.N.  I miss you, we need to grab coffee soon! I am reading more right now, so this is fun. Sounds like I need a more well rounded approach. And I am the one with the big red bible/book that keeps coming up in readings.

‎K.G. Hi , is there anything I should be aware of coming this year ?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Yes, guard your health, particularly around your pelvic area. Could be a cyst or something that bleeds. Not cancer–that’s good–but something that causes you pain and may required surgery. I don’t think you can prevent this happening, but something that causes you pain and may required surgery. I don’t think you can prevent this happening, but you can go directly to the doctor at the first twinge or sign of blood. Please know that I never get information like this if you can’t do anything about it. In other words, if you were going to die of cancer or get hit by a bus and that was your destiny, I would not even get that information. But if the problem could be prevented, I would get the chance to warn you, as I have done here. I think the important thing is to see the doctor immediately, as without this warning, you might not. Love & Kisses, Susan K.

K.G. Do you think it could have anything to do with me being pregnant at the moment ?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Could be. When are you due?

K.G. 24th of August

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Ah. Then yes. And that makes sense–if you have pain or bleeding, get to the doctor right away, and if he says to wait, insist. That way, everything will be fine.

K.G. thank you

‎S.M. Would love to know if you have anything coming thru for me. Thank you

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi–You are sprouting wings! Big angel wings! That’s what I see when I tune into you! Is there something you’ve done that has made you feel like you are serving and helping others? I think the point of my seeing this is to tell you to recognize that you are wonderful at serving and helping, because you are too humble. No need to get all boastful and prideful, but acknowledge to yourself that you have indeed been a wonderful friend/helper/mom/grandmom/supporter, and you’ve got the big white wings to prove it! Love & Kisses, Susan K

S.M. Thank you Susan. I have just enrolled in study to do disabilities work, so maybe that? Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate you sharing your gift with me.

‎H.W. Hi Susan, I hope you’re well, sorry to hear of the loss of your step mother my thoughts are with you all. Xx I was just wondering if there’s anything I need to know? Thanks xx

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi–Thank you so much. I appreciate your condolences. I can see you either acting or speaking enthusiastically to a crowd or audience or class. Are you a teacher? Your enthusiasm is just right for your audience–they hang on every word and your message gets through to them. If you are acting, same thing. What you are doing right now is one of the most important things you’ll ever get to do. Not that there will never be anything important later on, but do pay attention right now to how special this moment is. Love & Kisses, Susan K

H.W.  Aww thanks you  what I’m doing right now is being mummy to my wee 8 weeks old & my 2 year old. Hubby & I have decided this will be our last. So it’s a very special & important time

Free Psychic Readings by Susan  Oh, now I see how that fits! You ARE teaching! And they are hanging on every word and getting your message. Brilliant!

‎D.M. Hi Susan! I feel like I am finally truly on track for massive success in 2016. However, I still have questions about certain aspects of my life. Do my angels have any insight for me?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi–You are looking too closely. Step back and see the bigger picture. When you talk about success, you probably feel that attention to detail has brought you to where you are, so it doesn’t feel natural to ignore details, but you must. And actually, what’s funny is that you will then see the answers you need. I can see you actually drawing a “big picture”, something that represents your life to you. It may be a landscape (I am actually seeing a highway going through mountainous terrain) and you can start to draw in small things–maybe they’re rabbits and snakes or maybe they’re flowers or maybe they are your desk and your shoes and literal things. This exercise is going to bring you answers! Love & Kisses, Susan K.

D.M. Thank you!

‎L.M. A job in teaching in my near future?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Glad to see you here! I see you in an administration position. And I think I just heard you sigh, as if that’s not what you wanted to hear. But I hope it’s good news. It just seems like you have “worn out” teaching? Like you have worn it like an old pair of shoes for a long time and it’s tired now. But as you are looking, this opening comes up and you are in it. Don’t worry–you will wind up finding things about it that you love. Not everything, but enough that you will find it rewarding. And it pays well. Love & Kisses, Susan K

L. M. Thanks for your time tonite. Not sure what will come up but do appreciate that you took the time to reconnect. Didn’t know you as well as I would have liked to in the past. Circumstances were just not right I guess. God bless you and your wonderful family.

‎D.L.G. Hello Susan. I pray you are feeling better after the loss of your step mother. Susan, what do I need to know?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Thank you! Yes, I am good, and I am keeping an eye on my dad, who is doing well. I’m getting “rest”. Rest, rest, rest. Goodness, what have you been doing that has you so worn out? And always saying, “No rest for the wicked”? Well, you have to make the time and get the rest. Turn off the phone and tell everyone you’ll be out of touch for a few hours or days, if you can. If you don’t get off your feet soon, you’ll wind up getting sick or injured and be forced to rest, so REST! Love & Kisses, Susan K

D.L.G. Thank you Susan. It could be that I have 5 jobs and run constantly. My sister has sent me to bed! Lol

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Ah! Good! So I just reinforced what must be done. You’d better listen to us!

D.L.G. I am in bed reading a book and playing on the phone. I was going to go work tonight, but I will not now.

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Put the phone away and go to sleep, woman!

‎T.C.P. Will my marriage last another 5 years?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Oh! What a loaded question! What happens in five years? You fulfill the pre-nup? Get the inheritance? Avoid a penalty? I’m teasing, but I just wonder why you chose that? And the thing is, if you are asking that kind of question, you probably know the answer. So let’s look instead at what is happening right now for you in your marriage. I see you going to bed by yourself, while your husband is already asleep. You must be feeling neglected. Look up this blog, http://mustbethistalltoride.com/, and leave it open for your husband. I have come to believe that destiny is set and we can’t change it, so maybe this is what makes the difference–or maybe not. Best of luck! Love & Kisses, Susan K

T.C.P. Thank you Psychic Medium Susan K. Morrow

‎J.R. I have some big plans/ideas! Is this a good time to get moving ahead? Thank you Susan! I love hearing your insight.

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Thank you! Yes! You have the green light, now that Mercury has gone direct again. Astrology will be useful for you this whole year, so get a good astrologist and pick his/her brain regularly! The plans and ideas you have are partly due to what’s happening in your chart and the transits right now, so it will be helpful to see which plans to implement first and so on. I will tell you that the first thing has to do with the “circus”. ??? I have no idea what that means, but I hope you do! Love & Kisses, Susan K

J.R. Oh my! Yes! Thank you! Thank you!

‎M.P. Anything coming through for me? Thanks for the opportunity! Hope I’m not late

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hello–You are just fine. I usually stop taking questions at 8:15, so you’re perfect. I am seeing a turtle. I think that is literal, not a symbol… Please look up the turtle as an animal totem and read what that means for you. It will be useful for you. Also, if you are feeling slow or sluggish, you will feel speedier soon, but you are not the type ever to be hasty; you will also take your time so that you get things done right. This is only a problem if someone is impatient with you, but your awareness of this trait you have will help you to avert any impatience that comes your way. That and the animal totem thing–that’s what you needed to know tonight. Love & Kisses, Susan K

Y.G.J. Hi there, what do I need to know dear lady

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi! Soap! I am hearing “soap” and “dishes”. Rather than thinking I need to tell you to go clean up the kitchen, I feel like it has to do with a business you’re starting? Are you making a new dish soap or bath soap or beauty soap? And dishes to put them in…? Sounds kind of far-out to me, but who am I to doubt? So basically, whatever has to do with SOAP in your life, go for it. Make it, wash with it, smell it, give it as gifts. Soap. I can only shrug! It’s kind of funny! Love & Kisses, Susan K.