Just for fun, I thought I’d share something about working with spirits, or people on the Other Side. As a psychic medium, I have worked with my share of such energies. It’s fascinating work for me and is always very satisfying for the client.

When I am doing a psychic medium reading, we’ll hear from one or more of the client’s late loved ones about 50-60% of the time. The rest of the time, there are several reasons for not hearing from someone:

1) The client is too young to have lost anyone close to them or has simply not had that experience at any age.

2) The client is not interested in hearing from those on the other side. The spirits will accommodate that sometimes–but not always! Sometimes, they come on through anyway, and I convey their messages.

3) The client is already in touch with his or her late loved ones, being naturally in-tune with that, or having had such a close relationship that it continues beyond death.

4) Rarely, I’m not the right medium for that or those spirits. Sure, it can happen!

When I did group readings specifically to communicate with those on the Other Side, as John Edward does on television, there were always plenty of spirits to choose from. Some were more insistent than others, while some waited patiently and hoped to have a turn.

I can’t speak for John, but usually when I am through working, either by the clock or my own fatigue, the spirits will leave me alone until I give them another opportunity.

Oh, and sometimes I have a spirit come through who is really for the next person’s reading!