SONY DSCMy angels told me in July that August would be a “writing month”, a month for writing, a month to do nothing but write.

They would really prefer that I take the entire month of August off (and *I* would really prefer to GO somplace COOL for the month)–alas, that is not practical. After all, I have to be here to help YOU!

AND I have a book-signing and another Expo in Houston this month.

Still, I am writing quite a bit more than usual, trying to live up to the cosmic demand of my writing gift. I have already put in time on one of the two novels I have been writing for some time (the sci-fi one); a children’s book that is all in rhyming verse, which I started when my now-24-year-old was a baby; and my collection of personal essays about my childhood, Growing Up Pleasant: Memoirs of a Freakishly Happy Childhood.

I also started a “journal” of sorts, about painful interactions I have had with people over the years. Ever had a major fight with your mom? An incident with your spouse, in which that spouse hurt your feelings pretty badly? Consistent barbs delivered by someone who supposedly loves you? This is the type of thing I am writing about, and I think/hope it is really just for me. I wouldn’t want to share these stories.

All I know is that, during meditation one day, the only thing that happened was one of these stories writing itself in my head. And that means that I have to write it down. Then other painful memories came along, so I decided on the title “Pain and Hilarity”. because, if you can’t laugh at your pain, you are doomed!

Would a “pain and hilarity” journal help you release old pain? I believe that is why my angels have guided me thusly. Consider doing it for yourself, and then let me know how it goes.