From a recent Facebook Phenom comes this exchange with a client, which I have transcribed here verbatim.  Pretty cool, huh?

Hi Susan, I would like to know if you have a message from my brother Rafael or from my guides and/or spirit. Thank you.

And my answer to her was:

Hi, L***! It’s funny that when I read, “Rafael”, I thought of the archangel, even though you said he was your brother. And this leads me then to see that he is one of your guides. This is not very common, for someone who has passed away from human form to become one of your guides, but I would include him in your group of angels/guides.

Okay, the message is– shortbread cookies!  I have no idea what that means, so I hope you do!  If I had to make it more definite, I would say you need to get creative in the kitchen, do some baking, and enjoy the process.  It will open your creative chakra (navel/sacral) and help you to bring opportunities to you.  Good luck!

Now, hold onto your hat, because here is L***’s response:

Dear Susan, he is funny, my little brother is just the happiest man.  Yes, I am already baking shortbread cookies and I always laugh because I bake them and give them away only.  It is my rule #1.  His tragic passing was on Nov 2, 2012.  Thank you so much.