question markThis isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a question like this:  “How does your Reading in Writing work?  How can you read my aura via the email?”

Variations on this question include, how can I read for you over the phone or how can I tell you about someone else in your life if I’ve never met them?

Here’s what I answered this time:

“You know, it’s amazing to me too, but it’s actually almost better for me to read for you without being with you.  Everything is energy, so I just focus my energy on yours and the information comes in.  Sometimes, when I am giving a BEST Psychic Reading by phone, I will close my eyes while the client is saying something and I get much more information when I am not talking or looking at anything!
“If you wanted me to hold something, such as your watch or keys or wedding ring (a process called chiromancy), obviously, we would have to be in the same room—or at least I would have to have that object.  And I can do that; I’ve found I can ‘read’ almost anything, regular playing cards, tea leaves, whatever you put in front of me.  Because the information is not in the object and not in the person—it’s all around us, and I just have to focus on your energy.
“Even if we were face-to-face, I would probably close my eyes for at least part of the reading.  If you see me at a Suzi-Q & A LIVE, you’ll see that I often look down or close my eyes, so that I can ‘see’ what’s in my mind’s eye.”

I hope that helps you to understand how my gifts work for you.  And if you want to know more, you know where to find me!  (And yes, this client did get a reading.)