Have you heard about my Reading in Writing service yet?  It’s an inexpensive ($99), written version of my BEST Psychic Readings, and it is turning out to be something pretty amazing.  Not just for my clients, but for me too.

Here’s what happens:  The client sends me as many as four questions by email.  I take out one of my note sheets that I use for BEST Psychic Readings, and I start there.  I put the pertinent color for that person, I write down any spirit communication I receive, and in the open-note area, I write whatever information comes to me, including drawing the person’s aura or other symbols or images, along with interpretation.  Finally, I throw a few angel cards and write them with a brief interpretation too.  Then, I scan that in and attach it to the reply email.  At that point, I look at the client’s questions and answer them one at a time.

There may be changes to this format, depending on feedback and my own inspiration, but this is essentially how it works.

And what’s amazing to me is, not only am I getting terrific feedback from clients, but I also have a wonderful experience with each one!  It’s as if I’m walking right by the client, with full access to her whole life!  In the most recent R in W I did, I answered at least part of all the client’s four questions in my hand-written part, before I even saw them!

Not long ago, I asked my angels to give me some of that super-excited and amazed feeling I used to get when I first started giving readings.  After many of those early readings, I would sit on the couch absolutely agog, incredulous that I was able to do what I had just done.  These days, I’m not exactly jaded, but I am used to getting pretty impressive results from readings, and so I don’t feel that super-charged inspiration as much.  But with the Reading in Writing, I’m getting that wonderful feeling again!

The recipient gets to respond to the reading with any questions needed for clarification, and so far, I am not getting a lot of questions, but the feedback is excellent.  All the clients have said it’s exactly what they needed, that they’re inspired, that they’ll be back for more!

All in all, it’s a pretty exciting time around my little atelier.  Want to try it out?  I’m ready for more inspiration!

P.S.  If you’re wondering how I can give a reading to someone I’ve never met, who isn’t even on the phone with me, stay tuned for the next blog post.