The difference between something manifesting the hard way and something manifesting the easy way is the difference between desperation and relaxation.

Read that again.  I’ll wait.

I’ve figured this one out:  Even though you don’t need to worry about “the accursed hows”, if you don’t relax when you’re manifesting, those “hows” can turn out pretty rotten.

You know how all the gurus and LOA teachers, myself included, say not to worry about “how”?  Just put your order for what you want in to the Universe and leave the “how” up to it.  Right?  I even posted a channeled message about this very topic recently.  In that message, the angels/guides said to “let the Universe be your engineer, and you concentrate on being the designer.”

Which all makes perfect sense!

BUT… You know I always have a big but…!

I have noticed that, when I am desperate for something to be born or created or made manifest, I am likely to get it in a very difficult or unpleasant way.

Case in point: my move back to my hometown a couple of years ago.  I had always wanted to move home, since I moved away to Austin in 1983, but always had some really compelling reason why I had to stay in Austin.  Finally, in 2010, I was kicked out of Austin and sent packing by the Universe.  Circumstances arose that forced me to move and move pretty fast.  The move itself  was utterly horrendous, and I don’t want to dwell on those details, but suffice it to say I came pretty close to a complete break-down.  And the pain and suffering continued for months afterward.

Conclusion: I got what I wanted.  I got to move home.  But it was definitely “the hard way.”

Another example: My client was desperate to get out of her unhappy marriage. She prayed to get out of it somehow, some way, and she left the “how” up to the Universe.  Well, one day, a gay woman walked into her life and they fell madly in love.  But my client wasn’t actually gay; she was straight.  There then ensued several years, yes, years, of on-and-off with the gay woman.  They loved each other but both wanted the other to be something she just couldn’t be.  And so that relationship ended, and badly.  My client got what she wanted–out of the marriage.  But it was unquestionably “the hard way.”

What’s the message here?  When you are desperate for something to come through for you, you are likely to
a) wait a long time for it and
b) get it the hard way.

How do you get something “the easy way” instead?  You still leave the “how” up to the Universe, but you have to relax about what you want.

Desperation brings “the hard way”.

Relaxation brings “the easy way”.

More to come on this.  In the meantime, what do you think?  What has your experience been with manifesting the easy way and the hard way?  Please leave your comments below.