Spooky StuffSomething fun happened at the coffee shop today. My psychicking world crossed over into my coffee-schlepping world. We have a regular whose name is Elaine. For the first time, as I was getting her coffee, I heard (in my mind’s ear) “Lainy”. So I kind of asked, in my psychic way, what that was. And it was her late mom, who called her that when she was a child!
So I went to Elaine and said, “Hey, your mom used to call you Lainy!” And she was startled–she said, “How did you know that?” And I said, “She just told me.”

Elaine said, “Who told you?” I said, “Your mom. She said to tell you hi.”

Elaine kind of glanced over her shoulders, as if she might be on a hidden camera. “What’s going on?” I said, “I’m a medium! And your mom says hi.”

Elaine was very touched and said she wanted to talk to me some more later. She said, “I’ll have some questions for you, but that’s probably not how it works, is it?”

“YES, IT IS!” I replied.

And here’s my question for you

If someone said something like that to you, what would you think? If I walked up to you and said, for example, “Your grandma says to say hello to you, her polka-dot monkey,” how would you feel?