It keeps coming up again and again. Clients asking about money. Or complaining about money, or more accurately, the lack thereof.

As we discussed in part at the 2012 panel I served last weekend in Denver, everything is changing in our world, and that includes money and how we get it and use it. As just one pointed example, the 2008 stock market crash–that was just the beginning of a highly mercurial time in the market. I said BACK THEN that it was one of the old systems that were starting to break down–not to end prosperity, but to give way to new methods that will give most or all of the world greater prosperity. The stock market will still be around for those who want to work/play that way, but it will come to the point that it is no longer the main basis of the world economy.  (I also discussed how talking about recession will bring recession on, here.)

And as always, the less you resist coming changes, the easier it will be for you.

I’ve been working on editing the readings I’ve done on Phacebook Phenom the last six months, and I ran across this:

“Relief from financial straits will come sooner and easier if you work on YOU, spiritually, inside-out, working on learning what it’s really all about and how you create successfully.”

Of course, you and I do that all that time, right?  But maybe this will help.  Recently, I noticed what I had managed to do and realized that I was actually doing it!  I was actually meeting some of my short-term goals, and this was proof enough to convince myself that I WAS IN full-on receive mode.  Not long after, I got the message that it needs to be give-and-receive mode, because the two are equal parts of a whole.  And that had been coming to me before that as “reward”, like “You will be rewarded.”  And that’s what I am focusing on philosophically at the moment.

Also, I want to respond to what a client said about “the Universe was about to take care of us.”  Remember that what comes to you comes from you.  The Universe doesn’t care what you want or how you put it out there; it can only say “yes”.  So if you’re putting out there that you are not being taken care of, that’s what comes back to you.  Casting your bread upon the waters, as it were.  Start putting it out there (and lying to me, yourself and others, if you must) that you are fully provided for.

The thing about lying is that it’s very uncomfortable for me, and I’m bad at it.  I’m sure like you, I was raised to be truthful.  But according to Abraham, you should tell your story the way you want it to be, and screw the “facts”.  And that’s what I just said above, pretty much.

I know it’s hard not to be fearful in a difficult situation.  I have definitely born my share of fear!  And I still do!  And I’m the brilliant one!    But it is the most counter-productive thing you can do, to indulge fear.  (To consider creating with fear, see this blog post.)

You know what I always say, “The only devil is fear, and the only sin is neglecting your own happiness.”