Spooky Stuff     A lady named Lou was next.  She’s a hypnotherapist and a very interesting lady.  She had been in my chair before and, while we had heard from a spirit, it wasn’t clear to her who it was.  This time, though, we actually made sense of it.  During my pre-reading meditation for the event, I had heard a man say, in a slow, distinct voice, “Noo-truh daaaahm.”  That’s Notre Dame, for those who don’t speak ghost.  Actually, it’s kind of funny, but it did sound a little like a typical movie ghost.  But the accent could have been English and speaking French fairly well.

Lou knew who I was talking about.  He was an Englishman she had met in France and had visited Notre Dame with.  I saw a short man, dressed in black, pacing and gesturing as if he was lecturing with great animation.  Lou thought that was the same man, but then she said she didn’t know if he had passed.  She said her father had been a preacher and gestured like that, but he wasn’t short.

I asked, “Did he wear black robes when he preached?”  The answer was yes, so then I was on to the father.  I saw him in the pulpit and told Lou, “The church he’s showing me is all white, with a large, arched stained-glass window behind him.”  I admit this was a typical church and preacher picture, but what can I say?  That’s what he showed me.  Lou confirmed that this sounded like one of his churches.

I then heard the word “cotton” and saw cotton in a field.  I told Lou this was either a name or referred to actual cotton.  Suddenly, I heard “top” and came up with “cotton-top.”  Who was the cotton-top in the family, Lou?  You?

Lou smiled.  She said there were five children in her family and they were all towheaded.  (Just in case you’re wondering, Lou is in her 60’s and has grey-white hair.  I didn’t know what her original hair color was.)

Then Preacher Man showed me himself coming out of the pulpit and sitting in a pew.  My feeling was that he felt that he was not just the shepherd but part of the flock.  That this congregation was his family and he felt as if he was one of them.  Lou confirmed that this was her father’s style.  Next, he walked toward the side door of the church, flung off his robes, and walked into a white cloud.  He was prancing with joy.  I told Lou that,  whatever his idea of Heaven had been in life, he found exactly what he expected when he passed.  His joy was palpable to me, and he seemed so pleased to have made contact with his daughter.