Spooky StuffThe one remaining guest at the event had come with Cara and Jeannine, the mother and daughter. She was a Korean lady and a stranger to me.  In fact, she was visiting from out of town.  I had noticed a Buddha (in her energy) with her early in the evening, but she was the last one in the room to be read.

The first thing I saw was something brass or gold, something decorative, maybe a gong or something on the wall.  Kim said she had brass birds on her walls.  That was getting us close.

I had numerous Oriental images flashing through my mind, too many to narrow down, but I just had a feeling of being in Southeast Asia.  Granted, Kim looked Asian, but I asked her what her heritage was and told her I had seen a Buddha.  She confirmed that she was Korean and there were Buddhists in her family, although she was Christian.

Then I told her I saw a river or creek near a house, where she played as a child.  She confirmed that there was one at her grandfather’s house, but not one at her grandmother’s, and she played there.

I asked her why her grandfather’s house and her grandmother’s were not the same.  Her grandfather had had seven wives.  I found this fascinating!  I told her that, while she played at the creek, she thought she was playing alone, but her grandfather always watched her closely and made sure she was safe.  I also told her that he took a tremendous interest in her and that he was showing me the two of them, poring over schoolbooks when she was a little girl.

I imagined that the grandfather’s behavior was unusual for Korea in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  I described this interesting man to his Kim:  I know he couldn’t have been tall, but he was imposing, lean, erect, and he seemed tall.  He showed me an actual iron fist, then an image of him pulling a dagger or sword out of his sleeve.  I explained that it seemed he was saying he “ruled with an iron fist” and then he was showing me the Korean equivalent of that.  I loved having this little culture lesson!

Then Grandfather showed me a boy, then a lot of little boys.  I told Kim and asked, “Were you the only girl?”  Yes.  That’s why he had taken such an interest in her.  He seemed satisfied then and stepped aside to show me a woman in pink.  That’s all.  Just pink.

I said, “Who’s this woman in pink?  Your mother, grandmother?  Did you bury her in pink?”

Kim shook her head twice, then nodded and said, “We had a pink funeral.”

I asked, “Are you going to tell me who this is?”  I really didn’t know—I think the spirit wanted Kim to tell me.

Kim finally told me that the lady in pink was her own daughter, who had died of an apparent overdose at a young age.  I was able to reassure her that her daughter was fine on the Other Side and that she was always nearby.

Months later, Kim had a reading with me and we worked more with her daughter to try to clarify some of the mystery surrounding her death.  Kim felt some relief at learning a little more and she thanked me for bringing her daughter through.