I was giving a reading, and pretty early on, I told my client, Sophie, that it felt like she felt guilty, that she was bearing guilt, a “hidden guilt” (the exact words I was given), and it was keeping her from manifesting some of her dearest desires.  When she asked when the guilt started, I felt around psychically, like I do, and said, “in your mid-20s”.

Sophie told me about something she was doing at that time, which might be considered guilt-worthy by some, but claimed she didn’t feel guilty about it, that she was over it.

I continued to get this phrase “hidden guilt” throughout the reading, and suggested she follow up in hypnotherapy to discover the “hidden guilt” that was keeping her from enjoying her life.

Finally, toward the end of the reading, I got the suggestion to recommend a book. My logical mind started to search around for my metaphysical and self-help library titles, then I heard, “Hidden Guilt” again.

So I Googled it.  The first entry in the search was it.  It’s a book.  The subtitle is “How to Stop Punishing Yourself and Enjoy the Happiness You Deserve.”  Here’s the link to it on Amazon, if you’re interested:  http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Guilt-Lewis-Engel/dp/0671737139

Sophie said, “I say that!  I say, I feel like I am punishing myself and that’s why I don’t have what I want!”  She was off to get the book when we hung up.

Yes.  Every.  Time.