Test-3_sm_t“How did you know you were psychic?”  I get asked that a lot, and I always think it’s kind of funny, because isn’t it a self-answering question?  But the truth is that I actually did not know I was psychic for a long time.  I did, but I didn’t.  Let me explain.

I don’t see dead people all the time.  But, if I pay attention, I can feel spirits around me most of the time.  You see, I spent most of my life ignoring my gifts.  When I was a child, and I told my mom that I felt like I was being watched, that I had a feeling that other, unseen people were in my room, she praised my “wonderful imagination.”

I’m glad she treated it that way, instead of condemning it, but it never occurred to me that I was gifted in any way.  I grew up believing that all creative people felt “unseens” around them, and frequently had pictures of unfamiliar faces pop into their heads.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s that I figured out what that was!

I also had spontaneous out-of-body experiences starting when I was in my early teens.  It wasn’t until I read that famous medium John Edward had the same experience that I understood it foretold my gifts as a psychic.

I’ve had some very bold premonitions, like those of my husband’s death and September 11, but, except when I am doing readings, most of my days are probably a lot like most of yours.  Maybe I’m more accustomed to receiving “messages from the Cosmos,” but it doesn’t mean you aren’t getting them aimed at your head too!

If I pay attention, I can tune into almost anything I want.  I’ve learned to “home in” or “tune the radio” and pick up the signals.  I can look at a stranger–or think about one–and I’ll “see” his/her energy, any health problems in the body, past and future events, and/or spirits of his/her late loved ones.

This is how I work over the phone–I just tune into the person I am reading for.  If you ever see me working live, you’ll notice me looking at the floor or a blank wall.  This is so I can better “see” what’s in my mind’s eye without the distractions of faces and pictures.

I do almost always feel energies around me.  Especially over my right shoulder.  This is a guide or a group of energies that follow and steer me.  And it’s quite comfortable for me to have that feeling.

Did I answer the self-answering question?  What else do you want to know about walking around every day in the Psychic’s Pshoes?