Spooky StuffLinda was a client who came to see me because she had received a gift certificate from another client.

Or I should say, she only came to see me for that reason. She had attended a Home Event but was not terribly impressed. I asked her if there was anything in particular on her mind and she admitted that the spirit communication didn’t interest her very much and she was something of a skeptic, but she was curious about her future.

Like many of my clients, Linda was on the verge of a major life transition. We talked about her choices, her situation, and her future. I told her that, in my pre-reading meditation, I had seen her with a cardinal—the bird, not the priest. Linda said that she liked cardinals and always thought of them as good luck. I explained that her angels were sending her a portent of good luck.

At the end of the session, as I usually do, I threw oracle cards. The cards all had good information, some of which had yet to be seen (such as “Soul Mate Relationship”), but we were, after all, looking into the future.

One of the cards was “Treasure Chest,” which explains, “An unexpected windfall of new abundance comes to you now.” I told Linda that I always warn people not to expect money necessarily, that while “abundance” definitely can indicate money, it comes in many other forms, as well. Then I felt around psychically and told her that it did indeed feel like money, maybe not a huge amount, but money, and it felt to me like an inheritance.

Linda grimaced. “I don’t want anyone to die,” she said.

“No, of course not,” I answered, still feeling around with my intuition. “I don’t think anyone will die, but it just feels like an inheritance.”

Another card was “Let Yourself Receive” and we talked about accepting gifts that come to you, whether they are material or otherwise.

Here’s the e-mail I received from Linda later that afternoon:

Well, Susan, this is wild but as I was driving away from your house, my dad called and said he and my mom would like to pay off my truck for me as a Christmas present.

Whoa, a windfall indeed. The payoff was a little more than they thought so I think they are going to pay about a year’s worth of payments for me. How nice! And no one died!

AND, even though a ton of arguments popped up for me to say, “No, don’t do that…”, I thought about [what you said about] receiving and did not say a word besides, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Wow, that is so generous and will be wonderful for me!”

I will keep you informed….

the much less skeptical Linda

This is the kind of thing that makes my work so rewarding. And also so amazing! I sometimes wonder how anyone could be more awed than I!