Book Portraits 006This is one of the stories that will be featured in the new edition of Dead On: Spirited Stories from a Medium’s Diary.  So how about that?  You’re getting a sneak peak.  Of course, you can feel free to grab the original now, by clicking on the link above.  Here’s my little tale:

I presented a Suzi-Q & A LIVE psychic event in Dallas, and was very pleased that a lifelong friend of mine could attend.  Diana and I have known each other since childhood, when we both took tap and ballet at Miss Beverly’s dance studio.  I was also delighted when she agreed to act as hostess at my event.  The hostess is sort of like an assistant, checks people in, takes pictures, answers questions afterward, etc.

Even though I knew Diana’s father had passed away a couple of years before this event, I kind of forgot that he might show up.  Diana was going through some tough personal stuff, so I was reading for her based on that, and all of a sudden, there’s her dad!  Now, I knew her parents a bit, of course, and they were just wonderful, nice people, real salt-of-the-earth types, but I hadn’t really hung out at their house since high school.  And–ahem–that’s been two (or three) decades.

Dad had a few things to say about the family, and I could feel that this was a particularly close-knit family, not really a lot of dysfunction between them, and I told Diana that, and reminded her how fortunate she was, which she acknowledged.  Then Dad had a message:  Tell your sister that I’m with her too.  I didn’t know what that meant, but Diana said, “We’ve all seen him since he passed, except for my sister.”  So that was pretty important, and I was really glad to relay that message.

After the event was over, Diana and I went to grab a bite before I headed back to my home near Houston.  In the course of our conversation, Diana asked how she could pay better attention to her own intuition.  I told her to pay attention to everything and most of all, consider the possibilities.  Could this thought that popped into your head mean something?  Could a billboard have a private message just for you?  And, specifically, I told her, “For example, if you’re driving down the freeway and a song comes on the radio that reminds you of your dad, then why can’t that be your dad’s way of saying hello?  Most people will dismiss that, so consider that it really might be.”

A couple of hours later, I was driving back south on I-45, and I had been listening to radio stations on my phone.  I was tired of those, so I tried tuning in to something decent on my car radio.  I pushed the “seek” button once, and the radio landed on a station playing “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers.

Ever heard it?  It’s a pretty old song, released when I was a teenager.  And suddenly, a long-forgotten memory rushed to my mind.  I was at Diana’s parents’ anniversary party, and her dad played this song for her mom as a loving tribute.  If Diana’s dad wanted to thank me or say hello to me, and if he wanted to choose the song-on-the-radio method that I had just described to his daughter, this was the song.  It was the only song he could possibly have used.  And I was overwhelmed.

I called Diana immediately and she was thrilled!  She also reminded me that I had served as hostess at that anniversary party, just as she had served as hostess for me that day.

Thanks, Mr. Diana’s Dad!