Are you familiar with my Mystic Mail?  It’s a way of channeling that I have to answer a question via email.  You ask a question, and I call on your angels and guides to answer it.  I usually think of it as “taking cosmic dictation”.  (For more info on Mystic Mail, click here.)

A recent Mystic Mail was simply fascinating to both me and the client, and I just had to share.  Client “D” is someone I’ve worked with for a year or two, but there was a surprise in here that I did not already know about her.  It just goes to show you how mysteriously the Universe really does work! 

“D” asked me to give her whatever information she needed at that moment–which, by the way, is a great way to do your Mystic Mail.  It’s fine to ask about something specific, but often, my clients don’t know what to ask.  What follows is our conversation via email:

My channeled message from her angels/guides to “D”:

Hi, “D”, we are feeling conversational, as you are, too.  We feel that your conversations are running deep and long.  These are good to have at this time.  You are gaining so much personal insight from them.  Continue them as long as they are available to you.  Your opportunities for travel are excellent now.  Many conversations come up during travel time. Yes, sometimes, conversations are with yourself–with us.  This is excellent.  As you move forward, we see you shifting and changing almost daily.  Your time of changing is coming to an abrupt end soon, so be sure you have completed all the changes you want to make for a while.  This has been very flexible and fluid for some time, for a while now.  And now it’s going to settle in.  We feel that you will be quite satisfied with all your changes and your settling down.  Ahh… it feels good to be you.  Relax and enjoy this time of your life.  From now to 70 is much smoother sailing that it has been for 13 years.  With much love.

“D” responded: 

Wow.  Very timely, you have no idea.  Now, before I say anything more, I want to know what you think of the number 13.  Then I’ll tell you something.

Me:  I’m so glad!  I can’t wait to hear about it.
I am not superstitious about 13.  As it relates to you, it feels like a date to me, or date-related, like time or an anniversary of some sort. 
In numerology, 13 is a 4, which is a hard work number.  If you live in an address that is a 4, for example, you and all the inhabitants of the house will usually be working.
So now… tell me how this is meaningful!

“D” again:  It’s exactly what I wanted.

On [this upcoming date], I will come to the end of my 13th year of sobriety.  I can’t remember telling you that I had to quit drinking, but it has been quite a ride.  In my mind, the number 13 has had this significance.  And I’m definitely ready to not struggle and enjoy life!!

What do you think about that??

In her next email, she added:  The conversations could have to do with the constant listening to [] in my commute . . . it could be possible trips to [another city] in the future . . . I just renewed my passport . . . and I’ve had lots of conversations with various business partners as we go through seismic changes.

I’m ready to make a complete shift in my work life.  I’m managing a new company which will hopefully get me out of my financial mess and on to better things.  I’m ready to ONLY do the things in the business that I enjoy or want to do.