A client recently asked me about feeling drawn to things like classes or material things that she felt she couldn’t afford or justify buying. Now, I am not one to get into other people’s money stories. We all have them, and they are ours to deal with.  (Unless I am your coach, and you ask me to help you, of course.)

After I channeled the answer from her spirit guides, I noticed the answer might be helpful to others, who wonder, “Why Can’t I Have That?” too. So here it is:

“As for your question below, about affording opportunities and the challenges therewith… I would say it’s all a matter of perspective and desire.

“Perspective being about all the coaches and teachers and information that are out there and available, some for no cost, some for a small cost, some for more. There’s a wide range, and sometimes we are drawn to the more costly ones.

“And that brings us to the desire part of it. You never have a desire for something without the ‘how’ being made available to you. Of course, the hard part can be figuring out what that HOW is! But the ‘how’ is not your job, it’s up to the Universe.

“So focus on the results you want, in terms of feelings, and leave the ‘how’ up to the Universe.

“And maybe, if something is hard to come by, it’s not the right program for you. Maybe there is something easier to get (e.g. cheaper) that is actually better for you. Keep your eyes open!”

Until next time, O Best Beloveds, Y’all be good! (2-23-10)