As a modern mystic, capable of all manner of surreal tasks, I channel messages from my clients’ angels and guides, on the clients’ behalf. (Want your own Mystic Mail?  Find out about it here.)

One recent such message was so profound and timely that I feel it is really important to share. In fact, when the message started to come through me, I had the feeling that it was for a much larger audience than the client. Her question was about money and how it was her biggest concern at the moment.

Here’s the answer from her angels and guides:

Our dear, everyone’s biggest concern is money. Yes, it truly is. The man in the 3rd-world country wants to feed his family and the woman at the top of the stock market wants to buy a new Mercedes. Money makes the world go around. So rather than looking at money like a problem, like something you wish you didn’t have to think about, embrace it. It’s just like eating, sleeping, and pooping, Everybody’s gotta do it every day. So what do YOU need to do? Keep doing what you’re doing, but do it with love, change your attitude to one that says, “I love me, and I love the people I love. I work at this because I love me, and if I don’t love this work, then I am not loving me, so I will do other work.” When you want to change your work, you ask the right people and you find out what other work to do. If you don’t want to work at all, then set your sights on that. You don’t have to plan it, like “I want this much money, so I can go this long without working and live in this way”. But you can say, “I want to have freedom in my life!” And that will find its way to you. Embrace money not as a necessary evil or as something that has always eluded you, but as your friend, your partner in creating a life that you love and want every day. It’s not that you want to look past it, or to forget anything you have learned, not at all, but you are using everything you know, and now you know more. You know that it is your friend, so invite it to tea. Say, “Hello, money, I love you, and I need you, and guess what–you need me too, so let’s be friends and let’s have fun together. Thanks for being there for me.” It may not feel true today, but it will be true tomorrow. We could just shake you until this sinks into your head. But you can do it yourself. Believe us, we’re true. True blue!

And I will leave you with those thoughts, along with your own angels and guides.

Until next time, Susan K. Morrow (2-24-10)