flyingI just noticed something – a few weeks ago, I’m not sure when exactly, I stopped dreaming.  And I don’t mean the dreams I have at night while I’m asleep.  Those actually increased when I stopped dreaming during my waking time.

I’ve always had a pretty active fantasy life.  And since I learned about the Law of Attraction a number of years ago, I have been even more intent on dreaming effectively.

What do I dream about?  Oh, probably similar things to what you dream about:  fun things to do, travel, a great marriage, happy friendships, and, of course, shopping.  And maybe winning the “World’s Greatest Psychic” award.

But a few weeks ago, somewhere around Thanksgiving, I got distracted from dreaming and started being all–well, for lack of a better word, serious.  There were many serious things I had to attend to, and I focused on them and not on my “silly fantasies.”

And do you know what happened?  Nothing.  I mean, nothing bad happened, but my life stopped moving forward.  Things came to a standstill.  Oh, sure, life went on, Thanksgiving was enjoyed, my daughter’s wedding was definitely wonderful, Christmas was a pretty good one, considering my daughter and her new husband were still on their honeymoon.  But nothing new came along.  In fact, things seemed to sort of–contract.

That’s it.  Things contracted.  They stopped expanding and growing and changing and morphing and creating.  I stopped creating.

Fortunately, I discovered this problem after only a few weeks!  I’ve started dreaming again, bigger than ever, and now the wheels are starting to turn forward again.  I can feel it.  And I can feel the world changing faster.

Have you stopped dreaming?  How long has it been?  Could that be the reason you’re not moving forward?

Next time you see that corny motivational poster that says, “Dare to dream”, do.

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