manifestation aHere we are again, boys and girls!  As promised, here’s more of my informal manifestation guide.  Read Part 1 right here.

As I was sayin’, my personal 2012 has started off with a BANG!  And I wanted to share with you just how I did it, so you can get your own BANG!  (By the way, I drew my own graphic for this – like it?  Share in the comments.  Don’t worry; I know it’s not “real art”, but it suits my purposes here!)

Continuing with tips and tools to manifest what you want, here are a few more:

7. Affirmations – 
Right, I know, affirmations are trite, dumb, they don’t work, whatever.  And you may have heard (or read) me say that I used not to care much for them myself.  I used to think they were a “ritual” and I didn’t care for “rituals”.  But then one day, I drew an angel card that recommended affirmations, and I kind of sighed.  “Affirmations.  Bleh.”  Then I heard a clear and kind angel voice that said, “Affirmations are about affirming, not about ritual.”  And I changed my attitude!  So I have used affirmations quite a bit, and I believe some of them have contributed to my current bang of success.  Try “I am rich and I am worthy, yes I am.”  And “I always have more money.”  Or success or happiness or physical comfort… you get the idea.

8.  Recognize everything –
Pay attention!  This is one of the biggest and best tips I can give you for manifestation–or just for a happier life.  Notice what’s happening around you and don’t be too quick to dismiss things as coincidence or imagination.  Could there be a message for you in everything you see, hear, and feel?  YES!  And there usually is.  So pay attention and then notice what happens.  Notice that money might come to you in different forms from what you would expect.  For example, not long ago, I held a Suzi-Q & A LIVE psychic event in a hotel meeting room.  When I arrived for the event, the salesperson had neglected to record it, so the room wasn’t ready.  Fortunately, it was still available and the staff hustled to get it ready for me.  And then the clerk announced a little gift:  I would be given 50% off the cost of the room, because they made a mistake.  Now, I had just set the intention to come out of the event with more money than I walked into it with.  I didn’t have any expectations about what form that “more money” would take.  But because of this simple error, I walked out with more than I walked in with!  I also had four people show up whom I didn’t expect.  And the gas for my car was less than I thought it would be.  So I wound up with more money than I started with–but do you see how you could miss that as being money coming in?  So recognize all the ways the Universe is sending you what you want.

9.  Feng Shui –
I am not a Feng Shui practitioner.  I leave that to the experts, and I highly recommend that you check out my friend, Belinda Mendoza, at Design for Energy.  You’ll find info about Feng Shui on her website and you can also sign up for her newsletters.  She’s brilliant!  And I don’t claim to be brilliant with Feng Shui, but I can tell you some things I’ve done or know about that have been effective for me.
a)  Clean and de-clutter:  In particular, keep these three areas clean – the stove and kitchen, the walkway to the main entrance of your home, and your bed/bedroom.  I usually make my bed every day just because I like the way it looks, but this is a principle of Feng Shui too.  And I confess that my kitchen is not always clean.  In fact, the busier I am (like now), the less attention it gets.  But I do try!  Clearing out clutter in general keeps the past from dragging you down.  And Belinda told me that dust represents the past–so get it out of there!
b)  Greenery at the front door:  I didn’t have any handy, so I cut out a “wreath” from a green file folder and stuck it on my front door.  Within a couple of hours, I had a new client.  Coincidence?  Well….  Remember that fresh/real is better than silk, but silk is better than plastic.  And your intentions and feelings are most important of all.
c)  Keep toilet lids down and bathroom doors shut:  I already kept the lids down for a lot of other reasons, so this one hasn’t made a difference for me recently, but you might find that it does.  Keeping drains plugged up can be a hassle, but it might keep your money from going down the drain!

10. Astrology – 
I can’t recommend enough that you get a good astrology reading, preferably one that addresses the current transits and their effect on your natal chart.  I know just a little more about astrology than I do about Feng Shui, but I know that there’s no way my current increase in energy and success has come without some heavenly shifts.  I know that Uranus, planet of generosity and surprise, is getting very close to my second house of income.  And the last time that happened, before it went retrograde last year, I was starting to feel some effects of that.  And understanding even as much as I do gives me the chance to do some things I might not otherwise do.  In other words, if you get a good astrology reading, you’ll know what opportunities to watch for, what setbacks you might avoid, etc.

11. Abraham –
Ah, the teachings of Abraham.  If you’re not already familiar, hie thee:  Esther Hicks is an “interpreter” (her word) of Pure Source Energy, which, in this case, calls itself Abraham.  Abraham talks all about Law of Attraction and why you’re here and how to create your best life.  When I first heard Abraham speak a number of years ago, my first thought was, “Oh, good, someone is talking about this stuff I have always known!  Now I can talk about it too!”  They started to demystify the concepts of energy, vibration, and manifestation, and I was so thrilled that they paved the way for teachers like myself.  I don’t think I have ever disagreed with one thing they’ve presented.  Oh, and you can sign up for a daily quote from Abraham too.

12.  Focus on the good stuff – 
It has not escaped my attention that some people talk in negative terms all the time.  “That won’t work.”  “Things are terrible.”  “I’m so worried about…”  “I’m very disappointed about…”   Notice whether you are one of those and, if you are, STOP!  Start noticing every negative phrase you utter–or think–and replace those phrases with positive ones.  It takes practice but it’s far from impossible.  Now, what did you say?  “This is such a good thing!”  That’s better.  Here’s a quick example:  I was recently cast in a play that I starred in when I was in high school.  This time, I got a bit part.  This is the first bit part I’ve had since I was 15!  (That’s a really long time ago.)  It’s a great part, though, lots of fun, the potential to really steal my one scene, not to mention that I am waaay too busy to learn 250 lines and be on stage the whole show and at every single rehearsal for the next six weeks!  Maybe the Universe knows what it’s doing after all…

13.  Gratitudinalize –
Yeah, yeah, you know about gratitude, right?   Maybe you have a gratitude journal or you say a daily prayer of gratitude.  Great!  I want to add a couple of things to that.  First of all, gratitude is for you.  Thanking is for the thanker.  Maybe not when you thank your friend for giving you a really nice gift.  Or a not so nice gift.  That’s for both of you.  But when you thank God, the Universe, your Higher Self, Spirit, or whatever you are thanking, that thanks is for you.  Why?  Because God and all the rest do not need your thanks.  They/It is not concerned with your gratitude, but when you say, “Thank you,” it makes a huge difference for you.  Here we are back to something that has worked for me–not long ago, I woke up every morning with “Thank you, thank you, thank YOU” in a conga rhythm playing in my head.  Pretty soon, it was a habit and, if I didn’t “hear” it, I would start it on my own.  This is one of my new habits.  Yeah, you could add this under “affirmations”.  It’s a good one.  So be grateful for everything you like and even some of what you don’t like.

14. Dream –
You may have read my recent blog post about dreams.  If not, you can enjoy it right here.   I’m not talking about your subconscious acting out while you sleep.  I’m talking about dreaming about what you want in your life.  Visioning, imagining, fantasizing, no matter what you call it, it’s really useful.  Brian Tracy wrote, “All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”  I am not a hard-core goal-setter.  I’ve read those business success books and been to the leadership seminars and so forth.  I did all that back in the 1980s and 1990s.  And, while the business success gurus offer some overlap into my more woo-woo world of Law of Attraction, I suggest you dream more dreamily.  Paint pictures in your mind of events and conversations, of feeling happy and successful according to your own definitions.  Dream of results, not “HOW” to get to them.  And let the Universe put the opportunities, people, and potential in your path.  Then follow your dreams right to those results!

If these points have spoken to you, or you’ve had results with tools like these, or if you have a different tool that’s been effective for you, won’t you share it with me and my readers?  I welcome your comments!

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