Hokay. So.

I do not want to get into a public fight with another psychic. I just want to tell this story. From what I can tell, this woman is indeed gifted, and she is far more successful than I. She recently presented a blog post that proffered two beliefs that I want to object to:

1) Astrology is BS (in part because the future cannot be accurately foretold, but that is #2) – She admits that she has not studied astrology at all, but finds it impossible to believe that there are only 12 kinds of people in the world and they are all having the same kind of day as the others of their sign. Well, I’ve studied it just a little (I am no expert), and I understand far better than that. I don’t care much for “sun sign astrology”, which is the kind you read in the paper or magazines (or of course, online), because it assumes that you were born with your sun in your first house. But, if you discover what sign your first house really is in, and read the accompanying forecasts, they are pretty accurate.

2) The future cannot be accurately foretold – Now *I* call BS. I haven’t figured the whole thing out yet, but there has to be some destiny mixed in, because I accurately foretell the future ALL THE DANG TIME. Usually for people I don’t even know! I’ve stopped giving “advice” because nobody takes it, so I just tell it like it is: “Yeah, this guy is terrible for you and you should leave him, but you won’t. This will go on for two more years until you meet someone, I believe a woman, with the first name Joyce or Jocelyn, who will help you to see you are worth so much more than this toxic douchebag you are with now. Enjoy the next two years. That will be $50 please.”