gift 3I often find myself teaching clients about giving and receiving.

Many people are caught up in guilt and a lack of divine value, and they (we) have been taught that it is better to give than to receive.  This leads to an experience of lack in many, if not all, areas of one’s life.

That’s why I teach that it is equal to give as to receive, and you can’t have one without the other.  This then leads me to instruct my clients to practice giving to and receiving from themselves, accomplishing four things:

  1. Show the Universe that you are ready to receive, so that other receiving opportunities will start showing up in your experience.
  2. Get accustomed to receiving.
  3. Develop your sense of divine value.
  4. Learn that giving and receiving are equal.

How do you give to yourself?

  • Start small–give a compliment to yourself in the mirror and accept it with thanks, grace, and no excuses.
  • Think of a chore as something that you give to yourself because you are worthy.  For example, think, “I’m washing these clothes, because I am special enough to have clean and presentable clothes to wear.”
  • Make a special meal just for yourself, and enjoy it without television or other distractions.  Focus on the food and the gift you have prepared for yourself.
  • Give gifts to yourself, such as new shoes, a massage, a facial, a book, or a concert.  Include another if you like, and thank yourself profusely, honoring the gift and the receipt.

Try this for yourself, and feel free to share it with your friends too.  I am all for everyone becoming good receivers!

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