“Well, let me look at that,” I told my client.  “What I’m seeing is that, at about age 32, you’re going to have a break-through.  And it’s yellow, so that means it has to do with your intelligence and self-esteem, like you’ll be using your smarts to do your job, and you’ll feel great about it.”

As you may know, when I work, I often “see” things in my mind’s eye.  I get images of people who have passed away, as well as pictures of what’s going on with the client and what will go on in the future.

One of the most useful things I see in this way is time.  Yes, I see time.  It doesn’t look like a calendar, but it does follow a pattern.  And it has colors associated with it too.  Each day has its own color and so does each month.  If I “look” at your “lifeline”, which is what I call the time of your life from birth to death*, I’ll see certain ages pop out with regard to what I am looking for.

This “crossover” of senses is called synesthesia.  Some people smell colors.  Some people see music.  Others can feel words or get a taste in their mouth when they think of a word.

The root words of synesthesia mean “same senses”.  (Just as anesthesia refers to “no senses.”)  When a person is using one sense in the regular way, such as hearing music, he might also react with another sense, such as seeing a color or tasting a taste.

Synesthesia is not terribly rare, but it’s not common either.  My type of synesthesia, which I can remember having all my life, is the most common kind.

So what about you?  Now that you know what it is, are you a synesthete?

(*I generally do not see a person’s actual death, and if I were to get an age of death, I would never reveal it to the client.  This is not information that anyone needs.)

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