Just had a call from a long-time client, Jill.  Well, actually, I haven’t read for her in years, but she had something important to tell me.

Back in 2006, I held a Home Event at my own house.  I had about 25 people in attendance, and I turned my living room into an auditorium, where I regaled people with Spirit Communication for about three hours.

Jill was in the audience and her reading was very interesting.  We had a lot of her late loved ones come through and there was information about her family names, and I remember a story about her grandfather stomping around on the roof on Christmas Eve, pretending there were reindeer up there.  Another guest had a similar story, and it turned out they were actually related!  So that was pretty cool.

But what Jill called to tell me, and what I didn’t remember, was this:  I told her that either her maternal grandmother or maternal grandfather had died after hitting her/his head in the bathroom.  Jill didn’t recognize this incident, and no one in her family could corroborate the story later.  As usual, I told her at the time to remember this information because it would eventually be useful.

Fast-forward about six years…  Jill called me to say that she was having dinner with some co-workers the night before, and her boss suddenly asked if any of them had ever been to a medium.

Jill said, “Yes, I have!  I have a friend who is a medium.”  And she proceeded to tell them the story of the Home Event at my house.  She added, “The only thing that never fit was what she said about one of my mother’s parents hitting their head and dying in the bathroom.”

Jill’s boss turned white as a sheet.  “Jill.  Your mother died in the bathroom.”

Jill had never made the connection.  Her mother died in 2010, four years after the reading I gave her, of a heart attack.  She was found in the bathtub and had hit her head when she fell.

I was so glad that I didn’t recognize that scenario as a premonition and instead thought it to be a past event.  But then it became so significant to Jill.  And to me. I had the strong feeling that her mother had set the entire thing up so that Jill could understand that her mother’s death happened as it was meant to happen.