Test-3_sm_aWhy do people get psychic readings?  There are plenty of reasons, and entertainment is NOT #1 among them.

I’ve worked at a number of psychic fairs, and many of the attendees got readings with me and other readers as a one-time deal.  Some of them only wanted to spend a little money once in a while to see what the psychic would say.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes a short reading can make a big difference for you, and at the very least, it is entertaining.

But let me tell you about some of the wonderful results my clients have had.  Sure, it’s interesting when I can tell you that there’s a scar on your knee and why you have it, even though you’re wearing long pants and there’s no way I could have known that.  (Except for being psychic, of course.)  But more important to you is the reason why you have that scar.  Not because you fell down or had surgery or whatever, but because of your energy and why you attracted such an injury.  I tell you exactly what that means to you, so that you can prevent such injuries in the future, by understanding your energy and the ways that Spirit communicates with you.

It’s the old “give a man a fish” proverb:  “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”  By getting one quick reading, you will get some insight, some new ideas, direction for where you are right now.  But if you get regular readings, you’ll be guided through your life regularly.  You’ll know what to expect and how to handle it.  You’ll learn to attract and create more of what you want. 

Another reason for getting regular readings is communicating with your late loved ones.  If you are not in tune with your grandmother, for example, it’s possible that a good medium can bring information and guidance from her, too, in addition to the guidance that comes through the psychic from Spirit and your angels and guides.

I gave a reading to a new client not long ago.  Her grandmother came through briefly, and I knew that the client was concerned about her.  After assuring the client that Granny was just fine on the Other Side, I got a message from the grandmother:  She was sorry for yelling.  I started to interpret this, because a) on the Other Side, spirits generally have no reason to feel “sorry” and b) I rather doubted, in my very human way, that the grandmother had yelled at her granddaughter.  As it turned out, Granny had suffered from Alzheimer’s and had indeed yelled at those she loved most toward the end of her life.  This was the most meaningful information the client (and later, her mother) could have received.  The client has since become a “regular” at my mystic’s table.

The healing and comfort that come from messages such as this one–“I’m sorry I yelled”–are among the most important services I provide. I was able to tell a woman that what appeared to be terrible physical pain for her uncle had not hurt him as it had appeared. He told her, through me, that the pain medication was effective and, in spite of his appearing to suffer, he was actually resting comfortably. Another woman learned through me that her father, who died unexpectedly and alone, was not afraid when the stroke occurred, only surprised. His wife was suffering in her worry that he had been afraid and she wasn’t there to comfort him, so knowing that he was not afraid was the most healing message she could have received.

Another really effective way of receiving guidance is to participate in group readings.  Not every psychic offers these (I do), so you’ll have to find the right one.  In groups, the “Group Effect” takes over and ensures that you will get the messages you are meant to get, whether you get a reading or not.  It’s important for you to listen to all the readings that are given, because the Universe is very clever this way–you’ll get what you’re meant to get.

I once had the privilege to hear famous TV medium John Edward do his thing live.  There were about 350 people in the room, and my daughter and I did not receive a direct reading.  But there was one reading in particular that we could have sworn was for us.  And there was so much helpful information in all of the readings–I couldn’t help but feel inspired and enlightened.

So what kind of information do my clients get in readings?  All kinds of things, whatever is most important to them at that moment.  And that’s another reason why they get readings with regularity:  things change.  Your energy shifts and changes with your thoughts and feelings.  Events happen and change and shift.  To give you some examples, here’s what I have covered with clients in recent readings:  Career/job changes and improvements, relationships, “point of transfer” (this is when you are making a shift or transition), life path and purpose, predictions of good things to come.  There’s always something new to discover!

How often is right for you?  It varies by person, of course, but most of my clients like to talk to me 3-4 times per year. (My VIP clients get a reading every month.) They all say this keeps them on track, gives them clarity, and helps them make good decisions, as well as keeping them in touch with those on the Other Side.

What about you?  What’s in your energy today?