Img_5019This is one of my favorite stories about my work as a medium. My client’s wife had passed away about a year before our session. During my PRM (pre-reading meditation), I heard the word “pansy”. I didn’t know if this was the flower or the name—or maybe it was even “Patsy”.

When my client arrived for his reading, I immediately told him about “pansy or Patsy”. He shook his head, obviously searching his brain for some meaning to this. I started focusing more on “pansy” and then I translated for him, “It’s the purple flower that looks like a face. You know? Those flowers? They look like they have a face?” Nothing.

By this time, I was seeing gardens full of pansies. “Purple flower with a face!” I repeated, insistently. Sorry, he said.

I decided I had to move on. I had several other images and words and messages from his wife and also from his grandparents. I was taken on a tour of his grandparents’ house and discovered that his grandmother was not a cook, a fact that I also had to drag out of the client. “Why is the kitchen full of dirty dishes?” I asked.

“Oh, no, the kitchen was always clean,” he protested.

“Then why is your grandmother showing me a sink full of dirty dishes?” I demanded.

“I don’t know. She wasn’t even in there—my grandfather did the cooking.” We were both baffled.

Finally, I asked, “Did he leave the dishes to her?”

“Oh.” We both realized that, to his grandmother, the kitchen was always full of dirty dishes that she had to clean up!

But back to the pansy. Toward the end of our two-hour reading, I asked again about the “purple flower with a face”. Suddenly, something started to dawn on my gentle client. He said, “A purple flower with a face? Well, there was something next to my wife’s bed, something her employer had sent over to the hospital. It was like a stuffed animal, but shaped like a flower. And it has a smiley face on it. And it’s purple…

“It hangs on the wall in my bedroom and when I see it every day, I think of my wife. It reminds me of her.”

God love him.