Guest blogger Erin Pavlina brings us today’s post.  This was originally posted on her blog January 27, 2006.  I think it’s a wonderful answer to a typical question about psychics and other intuitives. –Susan K.

Question: If psychics are really psychic then how come they get stuck in natural disasters. Don’t they know they’re coming? – Jim

Answer: What you’re really asking is if people can predict or know the future then how could they ever be in an earthquake or other disaster, and wouldn’t they even be able to predict their own death and avoid it, right? Being “psychic” is a lot like having a radio. You have to turn it on, then turn it to a frequency that’s receiving particularly well, and listen. You don’t always get a message that says, “Earthquake, 3:21am, San Francisco, January 31, 2006, you might want to be in Aruba…” Sometimes the message is just intuitive like, “Something is going to happen to shake up this city, and soon. I can feel it coming. Maybe now’s a good time to go visit my sister in Chicago.”

Keeping your “radio” on all the time is taxing, and usually pointless. Do you really need spiritual guidance to tell you when you need to use the bathroom? Also, if you’re not focused on a strong, clear frequency you get a lot of static, and who wants to listen to that all day. Next time you’re in your car, tune your radio to a station that’s between two others and see how long you leave YOUR radio on.

The other reason that psychics don’t always forsee doom is because they’re not supposed to know. Sometimes things that most of us would conclude are “bad” are really “good” things in disguise. Sometimes bad things are the only way good things can come about. If we had psychics running around telling people to evacuate cities before major disasters then the universe would just find some other way of teaching us our lessons. Now, if we learn our lessons faster, maybe the earth will stop shaking. That’s something to work on!  (5-31-10)