5249_2_Proof RED borderI recently chatted with a fellow intuitive and “woo-woo”, my friend Jenna, about what we were grateful for and especially about little hidden gifts on which we might shine the light of gratitude.

For example, Jenna chooses to live in an apartment right now, a pretty nice place to boot.  “Some people want a house,” she said, “but I have a different attitude.  I look around and see all of the people who work for me!  The landscaper and the porter…  If something breaks, I simply ask, and it’s taken care of.  Like magic!  It’s absolutely luxurious!”

I loved that attitude!  Not only is she enjoying her life right now, this moment, and finding great things to appreciate, but she recognizes how she supports others.

Let me explain further:  I told Jenna about my amazing neighbor, a married man about my age who has always been a bit finicky about his yard.  He likes everything to look nice.  Several years ago, he allowed that to flow over into my yard, and started taking care of my front yard, with nary a word to me!

He now has a yard service, which he pays to include my yard with his!  Now, granted, my front yard is small, and it is directly adjacent to his.  I told Jenna that I don’t know if he does it because he feels sorry for me, the poor little widow-woman, or if he just can’t bear to have my yard go to seed right next to his, but I am so grateful for his help.  (I really hate yardwork and don’t even have the tools to mow!)

Jenna reminded me that of course I energetically am worthy of this lovely gift from the Universe for probably several reasons.  When I said, “I occasionally give him a little something, like a Starbucks or some cookies, but he never asks for anything in return.  What have I done for him really?”

I could hear the smile in Jenna’s voice as she said,  “You have given him the opportunity to be of service.”


There is a constant give and take, a cycle of giving and receiving throughout the Universe.  If you don’t participate in receiving, you won’t find much being given to you.  In this example, my neighbor gives and I receive the yard work, then I give and he receives the opportunity to be of service.

And of course, my next thought is…  “Where can I find more opportunities to be of service?”