YESS bestI used to call them “messages from the Cosmos”.  Sometimes, I still call them that, or messages from my angels, or maybe even downloads.

The idea is that a thought comes to me that feels like a message from one or more unseen helpers.  And this is how I do a lot of my work for others, but right now I’m just talking about the downloads that come to me “free”, without being FOR anyone in particular.  Oh, sometimes they are for me, but more often, they are for me to SHARE.

It’s my job.  It’s what I do.

And here are the recent ones:

  • An image of me with my arms up and out, my head thrown back in triumphant joy, and a brilliant light emanating from my middle.  I “looked” (psychically) at other people, and saw that they had the same pose and the same light.  From this, I realized that we are all the same, just as we are all one.  I used to think that I somehow had more of something spiritual, and this showed me that we all have it–and my job is to help others to see or understand it too.  Cool!
  • We are “constant beings.”  This is different from “eternal beings” (which we also are).  “Constant beings” means that we always have ALL of the spirit-God-higher-self-Universe-love-power-force within at all times.  That part never changes.  What shifts is our use and understanding of it.
  • “You’ll know.”  Well, maybe this one was just for me.  I’m not sure yet.  But if you feel that it’s for you, it truly is.  And I thought it couldn’t hurt to tell you that, because if you learn to trust your inner guidance, you WILL know.

More downloads as they are received!

Until next time, y’all be good!  (5-11-10)