twitterLike about half the people I know, I use Twitter. If you’re not aware, Twitter (.com) is a micro-blog site. Each entry is limited to only 140 characters. One of the cool things about it is that you can post links there–in this case, I’m going to post the link to my maxi-blog (this one). Convenient!

I want to explain a Tweet (posting on Twitter) that I posted a while back.  I said, “Love those repeated messages. Thanks to my messengers–I get it!”

I thought that might appear a bit esoteric, so here’s what I meant:

Everything starts with Spirit and your whole life is a presentation of messages that will point you in the best directions to live the life you came here to live. (And it’s beside the point, but nobody came into this life to be miserable. Remember my adage from my days as a wee mystic: If you’re not at least trying to be happy, you’re not doing it right.)

In other words, messages come to you in many and varied forms, including your thoughts and feelings, your body, the people around you, nature, things you read… Anything that catches your attention deserves scrutiny.

SO VERY OFTEN, I find that messages come in duplicate or triplicate. And I know that, just because I noticed something once or twice doesn’t mean that’s the only time I’ve received it. These messages are like roaches. For every one you see, there are hundreds of others that you missed.

Ew. Gross analogy. Anyway, not long ago, I heard the EXACT SAME THING from three different people. One person was my marketing assistant, who told me that she sometimes writes blog entries for her clients. (Not this one, it’s really me.) The next person is a friend, who is a successful copywriter, who told me she started subbing out some press releases. She has a junior copywriter write the first draft, and then she does her magic on it. Saves her a lot of time and effort. The third person showed up last.  She’s a life coach, and she mentioned her blog and how effective it is for her business. She said that she had tried a service that writes the blog for the blogger, then she would edit it to make it her own.

Do these three messages sound almost identical? This happens to me ALL THE TIME–and guess what. It happens to you all the time too! You’ve probably become somewhat immune to it. And that’s why I’m telling you this now. Start paying attention.

For my clients, when I talk about paying attention to the messages, I sometimes use an example about seeing and hearing frogs. Two frogs? You’d better listen up. Three frogs? Now you’ve got something really important.

So will my next blog post be ghost-written??? Well, I really like writing, so I don’t know, but it could happen. I got the message!

Until next time, y’all be good!  (5-12-10)