I never talk about this. Actually, I rarely even think about it. I only do it every once in awhile, and I just did it and I thought, I want to do more of this!

It’s the Right Eye. If I look at a person’s right eye, I get a Big Truth about them.

For example, I looked at Johnny Depp’s right eye once, and I saw a certain sadness and a bit of little-boy fear. Maybe it’s because he was very close to his mother. That’s the feeling I get. I don’t know if you can see it, but I do.

Like I said, I just did it a few minutes ago, and I saw in that person’s right eye a kindness and curiosity.

These traits may not show up anywhere else. You might not think someone is insecure, or happy, or unhappy, or shy, or scared…. But there I see it in the Right Eye. It is especially interesting to me with actors, because they are facial chameleons and seldom wear their own true feelings.

This is not iridology, a pseudo-science of “reading” people in their irises. This is just the psychic “hit” I get by looking at the Right Eye.

Send me your picture and I will see what I see!