“God is in the ‘unknowing’. Be glad of what you don’t know,
because that is where God is, that is where the magic happens.

“It’s in the curiosity,
the study,
the research,
the search,
the wishing,
the motivation,
the impetus,
the desire to know
—-that is where creation occurs.”

A dear family friend passed away recently. He was the patriarch of a family that I grew up with, even though they lived in another state. The night before I was to leave town for his funeral, I asked him how he was doing in Heaven. He came forward willingly and we chatted a little. Then he gave me this quote. He stayed with me until I memorized it. Then I went to sleep.

In the morning, I wrote it down and posted it on Facebook. I sent it personally via text to a family member, who was moved to tears by it, because it meant something very personal to him. So I had to make a meme of it.

I hope you like it.