Teal, 10-24-11 t-u blueWelcome back to my continuing series about the colors of energy. The first four paragraphs explain the process, then we’ll get to this post’s color.

You may know that I work a lot around the colors of energy. If you’ve had a reading from me, you know that I give you a “color snapshot” that tells you what color is primary in your life energy at the moment, and then I explain what that means. Similarly, I read auras (even though I don’t call them that) and I relate what I see in colors, shapes, and location around your physical body. This all helps me to interpret for you just what you need to know.

I understand and work with color so well that I decided to help you understand it better too. This is why I have written this series, What Your Favorite Color Says about You.

It’s as the title says; however, I realize that some people don’t have a favorite color, and some people have more than one. That’s okay. Here are some ways to determine what color or colors pertain most to you and your life:

  • If you have an actual favorite color, well, there you go.
  • If you have a secondary and tertiary favorite, those will pertain to you too.
  • Look in your closet: What color/s are most prominent in your wardrobe?
  • What color is your car? This is applicable even if you did not choose the color of your car, maybe even more so. I notice that people often wear the color/s that are present in their energy, and that their cars and other belongings tend to have them too.
  • If you really, really don’t have a favorite or un-favorite or a strong opinion, you’re a rainbow!

Each color has a “light” side and a “shadow” side, or positive and negative. (Note: This does NOT mean good and evil! Everything is useful and there is no devil! But that’s another story…) I’ll call them “bright” and “dark” because we describe colors that way. You may consider the “dark” version of the color to be your un-favorite, but either or both may apply to you. See how you identify with the following.

This time, our color is blue. If blue is your favorite color or your un-favorite color (or otherwise present in your life; see above), here are the ideas and values you are concerned about:

A special note about blue:  It can overlap with purple, which we’ll get to next time.

Blue overview:  Intuition, self-awareness, study/scholarship, processing information

Bright blue:  You are intuitive by nature, and find it easy to “read” others.  You may actually absorb other people’s feelings without trying, so be careful about that–you only want your own feelings!  You anticipate others’ needs and offer to help.  You probably enjoy reading everything you can get your hands on.

Dark blue:  You may not be self-aware enough to get yourself out of situations you don’t like and into those you do.  For example, if you are not happy in your job, you really don’t know why or what to do about it.   While you are perceptive, you second-guess any intuitive thoughts and ideas, usually rejecting them in favor of conventional wisdom.  To go back toward the bright side, try listening to the first thing that comes to mind–about everything!