February–ah, the month of love! So I guess it’s appropriate for me to talk about loooove, isn’t it? Personally, I have not had a serious relationship in some time, and I am looking forward to finding my next one very soon. I think the Universe owes me, because I haven’t whined at all about not having a boyfriend! Okay, maybe a little bit. ;o)

But the point is that I don’t crave a relationship. And this is what I want to talk about. Just a little–don’t roll your eyes at me! Whether you are in a relationship or marriage right now or not, this is something that you need to know. And I have learned it over three marriages! Well, okay, the last one wasn’t a marriage, but I learned from it just the same.

I find this to be true for probably 80% to 90% of my clients, and it was true for me until a few years ago: Relationship problems–including the absence of a relationship–are always due to a lack of value for yourself. You have to value yourself, you have to get that knowing deep inside you that you are worthy of love, joy, and abundance.

It’s very common in our society to want to be in a relationship. And I believe that human beings are meant to be in loving pairs. But not having a relationship doesn’t make you less-than! And not being happy within one doesn’t either. It just means that you haven’t recognized your Divine Value yet. This will show up in a lot of ways that I don’t have the space to go into here, but suffice it to say that, if you will concentrate on loving yourself, valuing yourself, and believing in your worthiness, you will come out far better in the relationship game.

Blessings for love to you!